Short Term Rentals in Oxford, UK

The goal of this page is to provide you with guidance on finding short term rentals in Oxford, UK. Each private accommodation listed here is owned by a local citizen of Oxford. The page exists to get you in touch with these owners and do so in a very modern way of online renting.


Oxford stone house for short term rent

Beautiful short term rental – stone house in Oxford. From €165 per night.


More Information About Short Stay Accommodation in Oxford


This page works by providing every interested traveler with great private flats in Oxford, UK. The places listed here are all owned by the people from the city, which are very affordable. Also, the hosts give their best to provide top notch and quality accommodations.

You will find that all of the apartment rentals in Oxford are furnished with care and have a handful of amenities which make the life of a typical tourist or any other type of a visitor easier. If you are coming for academic reasons, you can stay in a private room within a shared housing with one of our hosts.

This is the cheapest way and also offers you additional bed and breakfast services while you stay. Rates of such self-catering accommodations are affordable, so many students prefer them over other types of private rentals. If you want to spend a city break or a holiday in Oxford, UK you can find a flat in the heart of the city to get a better view of all important sites and landmarks.


All temporary rentals in Oxford that you can find here are fully furnished. If you need more space and several bedrooms, then consider to lease a bigger house. Many of shorts stay apartments that can accommodate larger groups of people are available. Holiday apartments for larger groups are located all over Oxford.

Some rentals with double bedrooms are near the train station, making it convenient for you to come here and get settled quickly. While flats are also the most frequent and the most usual type of a rental here, there are some which come furnished with an internet connection, air conditioning system, washing machine and many other amenities.

But if you come with a family you will need a bigger rental. Whole housings to rent are very cheap and include better and more useful amenities. Furnished with all commodities a real house does, it is a better and more comfortable way for families with kids to vacation in Oxford.


Apartment in Oxford

Cozy apartment to rent in Oxford. Click on the SEARCH button above for more details.


Location of Available Apartments in Oxford


When considering the location of your private accommodation, one should consider all the aspects a great location may bring. It is recommended that you should choose a location which will depict the purpose of your visit resulting in a more convenient stay. In other words, choose a place which is closer or is in the area of the purpose of your visit to Oxford.

Some great flats and private rooms are near the South Park in the Saint Clement’s Street. Near Walton Street and Kingston Road you can also find many cozy homes and rooms for a few days. In case that you prefer quiet neighborhoods you should take a look at affordable short lets in the North Hinksey and Botley areas.

The centrally located private rooms in Oxford, are considered as applicable for all types of tourists and purposes of visit. Their general use is more than welcomed to visitors who want to experience everything that Oxford offers.


Central Oxford stylish flat with 2 bedrooms;from $89 per night!

Stylish flat with 2 bedrooms in Oxford to lease. From 70 EUR per night!


Accommodation Prices


Get a really affordable short term rental in Oxford, UK via this page. A simple flat can be rented at a price of 30 euros as well as a private room for about 40 euros. Grab a serviced apartments for a rock bottom price of about 50 to 80 euros a night.

The holiday homes offered in the city of Oxford are priced between 100 and 150 euros a night while the ones meant for family vacations can reach a price of 200 euros a night. Lease a very luxurious accommodation rental as a way of spending the most luxurious vacation of your life by leasing it for a price of up to 250 euros a night.



More Info About Oxford


Oxford University Park

Oxford University Park


Located on the rivers Thames (Isis) and Cherwell, the city of Oxford is the oldest university city of United Kingdom. About 50 miles away from the capital of London, Oxford in its own county, Oxfordshire, has long represented the symbol for English academic establishment along with another elite institution, Cambridge.

The vicious combination of picturesque medieval and renaissance architecture and a vibrant modern lifestyle make this city a great place for tourists, especially international ones. Unlike other universities, Oxford doesn’t have any such campus; rather it is spread throughout the city of Oxford. The most interesting tourist attraction in this town are those buildings which have long since been the seat of excellence in academics.



Things You Must Not Miss To Visit in Oxford


Christ Church College in Oxford

Christ Church College in Oxford


The nearest international airport to Oxford is London and Birmingham, though international tourists do prefer London as their transit. It is just an hour’s journey from London. To have a perfect look at the city of Oxford and to drench in its history and legacy, you must take a walk around the town.

Guided tours are available or you can take one of those tourist information maps to get around. The must-see list includes Bodleian Library, Radcliffe Camera, Hertford Bridge, University Church of St. Mary the Virgin, and all those colleges. You must not miss out on the museums in Oxford, where you can find all those artifacts of academic excellence from past and present, related to Oxford.

There are a few great theaters, which can be a good way to spend your days and evenings here in Oxford. A city with its own legacy, Oxford attracts people from all over the world throughout the year.



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