Private Condos For Rent in Paraguay

On this page you will be provided with information about short term rentals in Paraguay. You will get to know more about the place and where the best areas to visit and have your short stay.


Asuncion Apartment

Rent an apartment in Asuncion, Paraguay – from $77 per night!


If you want to have a comfortable and affordable stay in this country, you must go for the temporary housing available. These short term leases in Paraguay are available for rent and you can avail from a long list of holiday houses, private apartments and budget villas that we provide on our website.

Search for the best self-catering flats at cheap prices before your visit the country of Paraguay. Studios are furnished in a way to provide you with the best possible comfort. With private rooms and bed and breakfast packages, these lodgings will make you feel the comfort of a high end hotel at much lesser price.

They are giving a tough job for the hotels to increase their business, as not only these short lets are available at lower prices, but also provide a much cozy atmosphere to the accommodation. You can also get some nightly and weekly apartments, available to lease for your short stay in any city around Paraguay.


Asuncion Room

Room in Asuncion, Paraguay – from $40 per night!


More About Paraguay


A lovely country full of natural resources, and a hot spot for nature lovers, Paraguay is situated in a landlocked country in the South American continent. Paraguay has the world’s biggest underground drinking water reservoir.

Not only that, it also shares the biggest hydro-electricity producing dam with the neighbor Brazil. The country capital Asuncion has been the witness of three centuries of colonial rule. The country has an indigenous flavor of the land, which it kept intact even after the colonial rule.


Paraguay Nature

Paraguay Nature