Rent One of Short Term Leases in Peru

Find the best short term rentals in Peru. Through this page you will learn about the different types of accommodation you may have for your short stay in the country.


Lima Room

Room for rent in Lima, Peru – from $15 per night!


There is a great deal of temporary housing options in Peru. Travelers can book anything from cheap B&B apartments, private or shared rooms in big cities to luxury villas and holiday houses in Máncora, a small town with great beaches.

Short term leases in Peru are a great base for visiting major tourist attractions in the country and the UNESCO World Heritage Sites like worldwide famous Machu Picchu, the symbol of the Inca Empire, Chan Chan, imposing set of ruins of an ancient Chimor mud city or Chavín de Huántar from the pre-Incan culture of around 900BC.

Book one of modern flats in Cordillera Blanca range of Peru, and visit Huascarán National Park a UNESCO World Heritage Site or rent self-catering studio on the Southern Coast and visit a popular national reserve Paracas National Reservation. There is so much to see in Peru and the best idea is to plan your vacation and rent holiday house well in advance, which can be done easily online.


Lima Flat

Available flat for rent in Lima, Peru -from $70 per night!


Peru is situated on the coast of the South Pacific Ocean on the western side of South America. Capital and the largest city of Peru is Lima. This city was founded by the Spanish in 1535 and it was the seat of the Spanish rule during 300 years. Lima is a great tourist destination.

Thousands of tourists every year book one of the numerous short lets in the city and enjoy exploring its beautiful churches, monasteries and cloisters. It is also a great place for those who enjoy gastronomy: Lima is probably the best place to try the amazing Peruvian cuisine. Peru is a country of diversities, rich history and breathtaking natural beauties. Peru is also a paradise for the ecological tourism.


Landscape of Peru

Landscape of Peru


Places Worth To Visit In Peru

Iquitos, Arequipa, Cuzco



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