Accommodations To Rent in Philadelphia, PA

On this page you can find several short term rentals in Philadelphia, PA. We have a list of hundreds of available rentals in the city. Just take a look and make a booking today.


Furnished 1 bedroom apartment with garden in Philadelphia, PA; from $82 per night!

Furnished 1 bedroom apartment with garden in Philadelphia, PA; from $82 per night!


With many tourists coming in every year in Philadelphia private accommodation is quite an issue to be sort out. Choose one of the self-catering houses, temporary apartments or private rooms for your short stay in Philadelphia. Just browse through the offer and find your ideal space. The best thing about this type of short term leases is that you have more privacy and freedom.

Some of private apartments you can see on our list are located in the historic Washington Square. That is a great location if you want to explore Philadelphia. We have luxurious condos to let close to the Convention Center which is another great place in the city.

Regarding the prices – for $150 per night you can book a large studio apartment. For $80 there are some 3 bedrooms townhomes close to historic Chestnut Hill. Take a look on the complete offer to get better idea on prices and locations of our self-catering lodgings in Philadelphia.


Comfortable&Convenient Room in Philadelphia, PA; from $25 per night!

Comfortable & Convenient Room in Philadelphia, PA; from $25 per night!


You have opportunity to book one of bed and breakfast flats if you prefer more and the owners will prepare meals for you every morning. You can find nightly or weekly condos at cheap prices, situated all around the town. If you like to be close to the attractions of Philadelphia, book one of short lets in the center of the town, but you can also find affordable studios in quiet areas.


Apartment to rent in Philadelphia, PA

Apartment to rent – from $65 per night


Philadelphia has always been an important city in the history of America. Known for its stand for democracy and freedom from the days of America’s struggle for independence. Philadelphia is also a home to some of the great personas of culture, one of them is Edgar Allan Poe.

A host of museums and public places welcomes you here in Philadelphia, depicting the past and present of the city. Magic Garden is a must-visit place during your stay in Philadelphia.


Painted Buildings in Philadelphia, PA

Painted Buildings in Philadelphia, PA




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