Short Stay Apartments in Phnom Penh

Grab your bag and pack your things and get ready for an excellent stay in one of the short term rentals in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Here on this page there are some wonderful rentals that you can check out for your trip. The purpose of the page is to gather enough information about these leases in order to help you better decide and find the most appropriate one for you.


Short term accommodations are the most popular way of vacationing abroad in the past couple of years. The hotels have become too expensive and other forms of rentals do not always give the promised comfort. This is why the short term let market is booming.

The majority of the lets in Phnom Penh are owned by private owners who are very friendly people who will not only rent you a place to stay for a very affordable price but will also help you get by if you need any help on your first visit to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

They even offer bed and breakfast services and will bring you a delicious meal to your room each and every morning for a small additional fee. There are some spacious and comfortable apartments which guarantee you the rest you deserve after a long day on the sun sightseeing.


Phnom Penh apartment

Apartment in Phnom Penh for rent. From $65 per night.


There are also TVs with cable available in all available private rooms to help you pass the time. If you want to get in contact with your family there are even leases which grant you an internet connection which you can use anytime you like. There are also whole houses to rent in Phnom Penh which allow you to bring more people on your trip.

The houses are equipped with great kitchens, great baths with hot water available always and multiple bedrooms so you and your friends do not have to squeeze together when sleeping. The great thing is that the price of these holiday homes in Phnom Penh is the lowest you can find on the market. These budget rentals will save you your vacation money and thus make you enjoy the place more and have fun.


Phnom Penh private room

Phnom Penh, private room for rent. From $48 per night.


Some Facts About Phnom Penh


Phnom Penh is located on the banks of Mekong River and is the largest city and the capital city of Cambodia . It has been the country’s capital since the French colonization and has grown economically and industrial over the years. The city is attractive because of its unique architecture and historical landmarks. It houses up to 2.2 millions of people.

The oldest piece and the most popular one is the Wat Phnom built in 1373. The main tourist attractions of the place are the Royal Palace, the National Museum, and the Silver Pagoda. There are even some great French based landmarks left from the colonial era like the Art Deco and Phsar Thom Thmei market. There are also a lot of villas, churches, and boulevards built in the French style.


Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh



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