Holiday Rentals in Phuket

We are very much pleased to provide you the complete information about short term rentals in Phuket, Thailand. Beside temporary accommodations on this page you will find some information about city of Phuket.


Phuket apartment

Apartment in Phuket for rent. From $29 per night.


Phuket Short Stay Accommodation


Through this page you can find short term stays of different shapes and sizes which offer high level luxury and comfort. There are a total of 900 hundred leases available, all owned by owners from the area. The people here are very friendly and like helping foreign visitors or tourists so you won’t have any trouble with your landlord who might even offer to take you on a tour of the surrounding area.

For your vacation purposes, there are some very well ordered vacation rentals in Phuket, Thailand. Short term stays for various purposes and occasions are easily accessible to you if you use this page. For example, the area is filled with holiday homes. These are accommodations which are rented as a whole, or whole houses, and are equipped with amenities to house larger groups of people.


Phuket is characterized by offering some traditional rentals like a short stay villa completely arranged in the local style of culture so you may enjoy the hospitality in a totally new and very interesting surrounding. Most of the rentals in Phuket are either located in areas near water or on the beaches or simply come with a private pool, so you will definitely have a chance to rent a place which will make your stay very enjoyable.

Of course, all of these temporary homes come at a price, but the cost is very affordable if you compare it with the prices in hotels. On the other hand, you can also rent a flat or an apartment housing if you are traveling alone and do not need that much space. Serviced apartments are also very useful for couples, but if you really want to save money you can find shared quest houses and share it with your host.


Phuket is one the most popular destinations for travelers. If you plan to visit for a city break, long vacation or another period of short time, we’ll help you find your accommodation. There are hundreds of private apartments available in Phuket. Instead of going to high class hotels, visitors can stay in villas with pools and apartments.

There are around 150 available homes in Phuket. These big homes are great choices if you travel with a family or a big group of people. Private homes provide safety to the visitors and they can save lots of money. If you travel in smaller group you can search for an apartment. You can find at for $25 per night which is really great price.

Just take a look on the list of available properties and lease an apartment that suits your needs and your budget. All of condos and luxury villas listed here are leased by the private owners in Phuket.


Phuket villa

Phuket, villa for rent. From $67 per night.



About Phuket…


Phuket is the place in Thailand where everyone needs to enjoy the nature. It has got spectacular scenery, stunning tropical scenes, warm blue sea and golf course. Phuket has got many tourist attractions like beaches, forests, parks, etc.

It has got the tourist attractions like plenty of beaches like Kata beach, Chalong bay, Karon beach, kamala beach, Patong Beach, Surin beach, Nai yang beach, Nai thon beach, Leam Singh beach, Rawai beach and various smaller Phuket beaches. Phuket has got scuba diving, Para gliding, sport fishing, Cruises etc.

It has got many attractions like Museums, National Parks, Phuket waterfalls, Phuket viewpoints, Old Phuket town etc. Plenty of restaurants are available for the travelers like Chinese cuisines, American food, Asian food, and Thai food.


Phuket, Thailand-Beach

Phuket, Thailand


Nightlife in Phuket is really amazing. It has discos, fun fire, etc. Shopping is most famous here in Phuket while speed boats in Phuket can travel through the sea. Phuket is one of the most popular tourist destinations where there is always something for everyone.



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