Private Accommodation in Poland

As the popularity of private stays is expanding all over the world, more and more people are becoming interested in vacationing abroad or visiting different countries this way. This page is dedicated to providing you an easier way of finding and booking places to stay in Poland.


Warsaw apartment

Apartment in Warsaw for rent. From 22 EUR per day!


Accommodation in Poland


Now this country can be even more accessible to you for your trips as you can find more appropriate and affordable accommodation for your short stay. There are more than a hundred short term rentals in Poland available for now, and the number is sure to rise. With the ever expanding market, there are also various options for you to choose from.

Short term rentals in Poland are situated in different and convenient locations, including the popular and bigger towns, even some smaller ones where other rentals are scarce. Choose temporary homes which are very modernly furnished as the hosts who are leasing you these lets make them more appealing by offering more useful amenities.


Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw, Poland


Flats with a steady internet connection, studios which offer modern and comfortable bedrooms, whole homes to rent with fully arranged kitchens are just some of the offers. Serviced apartments in Poland are perhaps the most useful and the most popular type of lease.

It is equally applicable for any purpose of stay and offers various conveniences including a free parking space, a Laundromat and an entertainment system for your dull moments or resign periods. The popularity of these private vacation rentals has mainly started to grow because they are easier to rent and people do not have to go through the hassle they have to when renting rooms in a hotel.

They are also very cheap and affordable to any visitor and are perfect for those who are on a budget. Poland offers many ways for you to have a great vacation and the given places to stay will make it more enjoyable.



About Poland


Krasinski Palace, Warsaw


Poland is a large nation and has borders with numbers of country. They are Ukraine, Belarus, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Russia, Germany and Lithuania. Baltic Sea provides the coastline for the country. After the fall of Soviet Union it moved to market economy.

It is now regarded as one of the safest countries with well developed transport system and tourist infrastructures. Places of attractions are many, such as the castles, National Parks, capital city of Warsaw, concentration camps of Nazis etc. Krakow is city that is even more popular than the capital of the country.

International flights provide good connectivity to all cities. Visitors can take trains and boats for local traveling apart from using the road.


Vacation in Poland


Short Term Rentals in Poland


Apartment For Rent in Krakow

Apartment For Rent in Krakow


Poland has much to offer for any type of accommodation. The type that may be perfect for you could be self-catering villas or houses. They are fully furnished to suit the taste of any visiting tourist. The rates for short stay rentals are very attractive. They very much affordable and you can reserve them immediately through our online booking system.

If you are looking for some cheap rentals, we can offer you holiday apartments that also furnished and provides a bed and breakfast service. We can give you the option of a single room that can be given for rent at nominal charges. A visit to our website can offer the best holiday solutions.




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