Apartments For Rent in Port Douglas

For tourists, backpackers and other travelers alike, we have special offers of short term rentals in Port Douglas, Australia. The page will help you find a private accommodation, to  find your way in the new area and inform you about the sites which are most popular here. It will also will give you information about the listed short lets and serve as an advertisement for people who might use them.


Port Douglas Apartment

Port Douglas, Australia, apartment for rent – from $90 per night!


If you are having trouble finding a lodging in Port Douglas, Australia and you do not want to pay the outrageous prices the hotels charge for overnight stays, then this page is the key to your problems. Besides having over a hundred available temporary housing for rent in Port Douglas, the page has all the information about how to rent them, the location and how to get there.

In Port Douglas you can find around thirty studio apartments which are available for you at the price between 35 and a 150 euros a night, and some seventy self catering houses which cost between 70 and 260 euros a night. All in all, there are numerous offers and the prices are really affordable. It is perfect for everyone who wants to try and will most likely satisfy the needs of all the visitors.


Port Douglas Condo

Rent a condo in Port Douglas, QLD, Australia – from $62 per night!


Some alternative forms of private rentals are also available in Port Douglas, like short stay villas, the most luxurious and the biggest offers that are listed on the page, several cabins and cottages for visitors who like the nature and the outdoors and even holiday houses as the most extravagant lets available. All of them are furnished to indulge the needs of the visitors. Basic amenities include a TV, an internet connection and a comfortable bed.

Other amenities included in most offers are serviced kitchens, air conditioning systems, multiple bedrooms, the option of housing more than ten people and even private parking spaces. If you want to enjoy a luxurious and an unforgettable vacation, you can rent a condo which has a hot tub of a Jacuzzi, a swimming pool situated in an enormous front yard and a beautiful garden.



What You Can Do in Port Douglas


Port Douglas is situated in the far north of the Australian state of Queensland. It has a permanent population of about 4,772 people and is just 70 km north of the biggest city of the region, Cairns. It was primarily a mining town and later developed into a famous tourist location which is famous for being now. It got its current name after the former Premier of Queensland, John Douglas.

Activities which are popular at Port Douglas are mainly kite surfing, snorkeling and scuba diving. Famous locations for these kind of activities are the Four Mile Beach and the Low Isles. It is also very close to the Great Barrier Reef which visitors like to see and visit.


Port Douglas QLD, Australia

Port Douglas QLD, Australia


It also has a number of heritage sites which include the FDA Carstens Memorial, St Mary’s by the Sea, the Port Douglas Court House Museum and the Port Douglas Wharf and Storage Shed. The main peak periods, besides the summer periods, include the time when Port Douglas’ two main festival periods begin.

The Port Douglas Carnivale which lasts for ten days and begins with the Macrossan Street Parade. The second period is between October and November and includes the The Sunset in the Park Music Festival, and Porttoberfest, the North Queensland’s local beer festival.



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