Private Apartmnets to Rent in Rabat

A way to book short term rentals in Rabat, Morocco cheaply and easily is available through this page. Using this page you have the opportunity to finish your search for a place to stay in Rabat for a few days. Here you have all the needed information about the particular apartments you can lease and the surrounding area around them. 


Private room for rent in Rabat. From €35 per night.

Private room for rent in Rabat. From €35 per night.


Rabat Accommodation Info


As one of the biggest cities of Morocco, Rabat hosts a lot of tourism driven people and almost half of them are not sure where to stay while they are here. If you are one of those people who want to visit Rabat but do not quite know where to stay, the answer is simple – private apartments.

Being a property of local owners which know the city like the back of their hands, you are renting a highly organized accommodation with a possibility of your landlord helping you out with settling in Rabat or recommending you some places to visit.


Rabat, Morocco offers you more than a hundred serviced apartments to lease. Modern and furnished condos are the most common kind. They are often meant for single or two visitors and have everything you need for a short stay, like a comfortable bed and and internet connection.

You can rent private rooms in the center of Kasbah with a beautiful view or a small but very comfortable Riyadh, which is a traditional Moroccan housing, quite unique and very popular among visitors. Holiday homes in Rabat, on the other hand, include housings which can accommodate a whole group or can also be used for longer stays if needed.

Temporary homes, besides being big are also suitable for families and children. They are equipped with furnished kitchens, two or in some cases even three bedrooms and have enough space and providing more than ample comfort for every member on the group.

But the best ones indeed are the ones which are closer to the beaches of Rabat, Morocco, or the ones which are luxuriously furnished and come with a pool as an amenity.


Cozy room for rent in Rabat. From €28 per night.

Cozy room for rent in Rabat. From €28 per night.


Apartments Location


The greatest concentration of private room available for rent can be found in the center of Rabat, like in the areas called Agdal or Quartier Hassan. The Quartier De L’Ocean is filled with vacation rentals and whole homes to rent and is fairly close to the seaside of the city as well.

Kasbah of the Udayas is close to the sea and offers condos and studios which have a view of the seaside or the riverfront. The Sale Medina area is also rich with holiday apartments to rent, although this area is mainly for the people who come with larger groups because it is quieter and allows for peace and quiet. Look for places to rent around Medersa in this area of Rabat, Morocco.


Apartment for rent in Rabat. From €90 per night.

Apartment for rent in Rabat. From €90 per night.




These short lets are the cheapest forms of accommodation in Rabat that one could find with the price range of 20 to 130 euros. Although larger places come as a whole for about 50 to 80 euros per day, it can still house more people, so when you divide that price by the number of the people in the group.

The most expensive ones are of course larger temporary homes which are close to the beach or ones which are luxuriously arranged. The price for them stems from 100 to 130 euros, depending of the number of bedrooms.



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