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Affordable vacation rentals in Rio de Janeiro

Vacation rental in Rio de Janeiro – from $56 per night!


As one of the biggest cities in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro has many options concerning short term stay solutions. The most frequently used type of a rental are private rooms and entire homes. Housings can be shared with other tourists and your landlord, but the thing is that when you get a private room it is just yours to use.

You can share the common spaces of a house or an apartment, to spend lesser money. You find these serviced apartments all over the city, but the best ones are located right in or near the city center of Rio de Janeiro. Other popular type of a short lease in this city is to rent a whole home. This will allow you the luxury of using more bedrooms, having bathroom with a separate toilet, and a large kitchen with various appliances that a basic kitchen has.


Families usually for this type of accommodation because they are marked as child friendly and provide enough room for the whole family to feel comfortable and enough sleeping space for every member. The most popular holiday homes are those which are near the beaches of Rio.There are hundreds of temporary homes which are situated very close to some of the most luxurious beaches of Rio. There are also those that are literally on the beach and available to rent.

Aside from being perfectly located and fully- furnished, they also provide the greatest amount of convenience and the best amenities of all rentals. Air conditioning systems, private parking spaces in a personal garage, swimming pools and hot tubs are just some of them.


Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro


Nowadays short term rentals that come in different types have became more popular among tourists. They can be found right next to the beach, or there are villas that can accommodate a large group. Some of them even have a beautiful garden and pool so guests will enjoy the view.

In addition, you can rent one of the budget houses or private or shared room. Either way, you will enjoy these temporary stays in Rio de Janeiro. Also, you have option of renting self-catering studio if you want to prepare meals by your own and a serviced apartment that will provide you with bed and breakfast services.



Popular Places in Rio de Janeiro


Rio de Janeiro is a popular tourist destination in Brazil. The culture and lifestyle of this place is enormously popular all over the world. Festivals and carnivals are some prominent attractions of this iconic visitor’s spot in Brazil.

So, make use of one of the cheap flights today to personally explore this amazing place to collect some of the finest memories. The Copacabana beach, botanical garden, sugar loaf mountain, statue of hoist and shopping fiesta are the the best attractions that interest people enormously, while the foodies can have a tasteful time with a large number of local delicacies.


The shoppers can have an amazing shopping experience. On the other hand, people who have interest in natural scenery can have a pleasant time exploring this stunning place. So, plan a trip Rio de Janeiro today and include yourself in mind-blowing activities that are found only here.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Panorama – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil




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