Short Term Apartments in Romania

You are thinking of visiting Romania but you have no idea where to stay? This is an ever occurring problem that arises with many tourists one point at a time, at least until they find the way to a great vacation, which will greatly appeal to them.


We are offering you a way which will most certainly become appealing to you as the rentals offered in Romania are very affordable and easy to lease. Private accommodation owned by people from various Romanian towns are available on this page for rent. There are various forms of short term rentals in Romania offered here, starting with the smallest ones and ending up with the most luxurious ones.



Apartments to Rent in Romania


Bucharest Apartment

Short term accommodation in Bucharest from 30 EUR per night!


There are hundreds of flats available for you to choose and book. There are also some shared rentals that you can consider as another option. Check the listing for available apartments in Romania as these are the most frequently chosen for lets. The landlords have furnished their apartments in a very modern way so they seem appealing to the renters but are equally useful.

There are places which have a kitchen, a washing room, separate bathrooms, internet services and various other amenities given to you as an option to consider. Some hosts are friendly enough to show you around the city, which is one of the advantages of these private lets, and also offer you bed and breakfast services as well.

On the other hand, self-catering rentals are useful for family visits as they give you an option to bring in and prepare your own food, giving you more savings than to eat out. The best and most luxurious vacation rentals in Romania are villas for rent. They are not just cheap for a luxury rental but also provide the best quality of stay and comfort.



About Romania


Romania is regarded as a small country situated in the Eastern Europe. Though it has a long history, at present it is a democratic state and peace prevails. It attracts quite a lot of tourists from all parts of the world. Places of interest include Mountains, painted churches, the majestic Rive. There is a steady rise in tourists visiting Romania.

Sightseeing and outdoor activities are a special draw. Camping, hiking, and skiing are the main past time activities. Active sports to health spas are other recreations that are very popular among tourists. Traveling to Romania is quite easy with air connections to Bucharest. Good roads for local travel and excellent food in Romania is special.

Place To Stay in Romania


For tourists planning for a short stay there are many options to choose from. The self-catering apartments are excellent choices as they are affordable and can be booked in advance through this website. The site can be used for online booking and you can plan and book as per you budget. The vacation rentals are very attractive, especially the houses and villas.

Both are available for rent for a service that gives value to your money. Whatever you opt for even if it is a single room or more, you will definitely have an enjoyable and memorable stay. The most important thing is the fact that all facilities are furnished. Our website offers multiple choices of short term rentals for your best benefit.