Short Stay Accommodation in Russia

The purpose of this page is to help you find short term rentals in Russia. Here you can find and book private apartments and rooms in Russia.



Apartments For Rent in Russia


Russia is a huge country bordering nearly fourteen countries including China, North Korea, Poland, and Finland. The country ranges in Asia and Europe. With the historic past and recent break up of Soviet Union, the country has become economically strong from 1999.


Moscow Temporary Apartment

2-rooms apartment for rent in Moscow – from $67 per night!


As the holiday season is coming near so is the need for accommodation all over the world. Russia is one of the countries which is lacking in terms of quality places to stay since the hotels do not offer the best services and some unreachable places do not have appropriate stays for visitors.

Now you have the opportunity to solve all those problems with this page which offers affordable short term rentals in Russia which are privately owned and are nicely furnished. There are thousands of accommodations spread across different places and towns of the country, you just need to find the right one which feels appropriate for you to use. By leasing private a accommodation you can choose different renting options.

Hotels mainly offer rooms which are only different in size, while the vacation rentals also differ in size and shape, but more importantly in the amenities and services offered and the type of rental as well.


You can book a flat to spend a nice weekend in Russia or you can lease a studio for a week or so and enjoy the wonderful services that go with it. Additionally, serviced apartments listed here are perhaps the best option for any visitor, for short term and long term stays equally.

But if you really want to have your space and enjoy additional comfort there are holiday homes to rent. These larger rental types are the prime option for families and various lager groups as a family vacation is often needed by people who like to have their loved ones nearby.

Such option also has an advantage in terms of location. As there are some smaller places which do not have appropriate places to stay, the landlords which offer their late rooms will prove to be a great help when deciding to visit these smaller and offbeat areas.



About Russia


There are a number of places to see and outdoor activities to try. The cultural depth of Moscow and St. Petersburg is unmatched. Seeing the country by taking the Trans Siberian railway across the country will turn out to be a wonderful experience. Food is amazing and it is no wonder that the number of tourists is unbelievably large.

If you are looking for short stays, the most important aspect to be decided is the type of self-catering accommodation you are looking for. It can be a house for your convenience and that of your family members. It could also be holiday villas so that it can be exclusive, but at the same time others are allowed to spend time with you.

The bed and breakfast service and the way the room is furnished are unmatched and our website offers online booking service so that you can immediately reserve your favorite place.


Peterhof in Russia

Peterhof in Russia


Alternatively, your can spend spend your stay at the different apartments available, or if you planning a visit alone, a single room is available for rent. If you are looking for a cheap place you will be able to notice that the rates of holiday rentals are affordable.