Russian Hill, San Francisco – Short Stay Apartments

This page was created with intention of helping you find a fitting short term rental in Russian Hill, San Francisco, USA for your city break and vacation, as well as to give you a short review of characteristics of this part of the city. All of the rentals are owned by friendly locals who are happy to help with answers to any questions you might have regarding your stay or to help you in solving any dilemmas that might possibly appear.


Russian Hill apartment

Apartment to let in Russian Hill, San Francisco. From $199 per night.


Over one hundred short lets and rooms in Russian Hill, San Francisco are available, so we’re confident that you won’t have any issues with finding an ideal example of temporary housing for your vacation, which will make you feel like at home away from home during your stay.

Renting an entire furnished house in Russian Hill, San Francisco might be a perfect solution for those who intend to stay in this part of the city as a part of a large group of people. Considering the level of comfort, autonomy as well as multiple rooms available at a reasonable price, it might just be the answer to your dilemmas.

Those who plan on visiting this area on their own would do well to think about choosing a bed & breakfast arrangement as, besides the ability to taste fresh homemade food specialties every morning for breakfast, they will enjoy a good level of comfort at an affordable price.

Also, there is a multitude of amenities available, the list of which depends only on the particular short let you opt for. Some of those amenities are free parking on premises, Wi-Fi Internet access, self-catering which enables you to prepare all your favorite meals whenever you feel like it.


Russian Hill, private room

Private room to let in Russian Hill. From $135 per night.


Important Info About Russian Hill


Representing one of San Francisco’s original “Seven Hills“, it is actually a part of the forty four hills that the city spans over. This neighborhood got its name during the Gold Rush period, after the settlers found a small Russian cemetery on top of this hill (the cemetery was removed afterwards), and you can also find the oldest Russian orthodox church in San Francisco right here in this area, carrying the name “The Holy Trinity Cathedral“.

This neighborhood is especially famous for Lombard Street, which is considered “the crookedest street in the world“ due to its sharp turns. There are many more interesting sights and places in this neighborhood but we won’t give up all of the secrets just like that.


Russian Hill, San Francisco

Russian Hill, San Francisco



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