San Francisco a City Where No One’s a Stranger

The things that makes San Francisco unique and leaves you with an unforgettable feeling of being warm inside and happy all the time are the relaxing behavior of the people, a tolerance to everyone and not caring about our differences, the constant chattering on the busy streets and a generally that you are not a stranger here.

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

When you are on the streets you can pretty much do whatever you want, sit or lay down, play an instrument or act out a piece from a play, eat your dinner by sitting on the sidewalk, bark like a dog if you really want to, and nothing will happen. There will be nobody to bother you, only if your behavior jeopardizes the safety of other people. That is the only thing which is not tolerated here. In those cases, people around here tend to react with unbelievable swiftness and immediately call the police. And when the police comes there is no arguing or any kind of a dispute with them. One thing that immediately catches your eye, compared with the streets of New York and Chicago, is the cleanliness of the streets here and the way green patches are ordered. It is completely impeccable or even flawless, so to say. One can witness lawns cut to perfection with no traces of paper bags or any other kinds of litter lying around there. The commitment the city deposits in the cleanliness of this city can be proved by the flower arrangements and the ornamental shrubberies found in the entrance of the world’s most famous bridge.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco, California

The Golden Gate Bridge, opened 73 years ago by the President of the United States of America Franklin Roosevelt, still stands as a fascinating feet of human engineering and a great tourist attraction. While you are standing on the bridge, one gets a feeling like one is floating in the clouds. You can see all of San Francisco from out there, but only if the bridge is not covered with fog, which because of its position happens a lot. The bridge itself is to blame for the expansion of a once small fisherman’s town of San Francisco into a glamorous metropolis which many people claim to be the most beautiful city in the world. Although the cities of Los Angeles, San Diego and San Hose are much bigger, San Francisco possesses many things others do not have. When you get to the coast of the Pacific from the park, you reach an enormous sandy beach where you can witness the forming of the dust made from the drops of the ocean made out of the foamy water. If what Mark Twain wrote was true, that “the coldest winter I have ever witnessed was the summer in San Francisco,” than it is also true that no matter the season and time of the year, the beach is always filled with people, surfers with their boards, people running around or playing beach ball and generally having fun. Further down the shore one can find a bay which is particularly famous for its seals which inhabit the area. The mere presence of sea lions indicates that the water in the bay is clear and fresh. The tourists visit this area to see the seals but also to because of the view of the island which harbors one of the famous prisons in the world, the Alcatraz Island. Today the former prison is turned into a tourist attraction and a museum. The island is only a few miles separated from the shore but the strong currents make swimming to the island and beck merely impossible. Just because of that, escape from the island and the prison was unthinkable.

Another location in San Francisco receives many visitors. Many film lovers will remember the street where many movies were filmed during the years and the movie with the most scenes filmed in Powell Street has to be the blockbuster with Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte “48 hrs.” the famous wooden streetcar is always filled with people and the waiting list to drive in this streetcar is very long and actually requires a lot of patience. Descending down the steep streets of the city with the streetcar is a unique experience and at the end of the street you will find the shopping district of the city and the Market Street with its seven-story shopping center the Nordstrom. The prices there are surprisingly low and there are many affordable goods found there. The area which surrounds San Francisco covers a lot of heritage areas, and only a half hour drive away one can find the world’s IT center or the Silicon Valley. There you can find all the top companies in that field like Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Yahoo, Apple, VMWare, HP, Ebay and Intel.


Streets of Berkeley, San Francisco

Situated in the same valley one can also find the Stanford and Berkeley universities, two of five top five world’s universities. Forty people from the Forbes list of millionaires live in the area of San Francisco, some of them are George Lucas, Charles Schwab and Larry Ellison.

In the hinterlands of the Golden Gate Bridge there is an enormous national park situated there and inside of it the great Japanese Tea Garden. Occupying the space of only a couple of acres one can literally visit a completely new world. When you pass the great wooden gate it is like stepping into a fairytale land. Small wooden suspension bridges, fountains with clear waters, thousands and thousands of flowers everywhere and tea and sake served in the buffet are just the beginning of it.

Japanese Tea Garden

Japanese Tea Garden

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