Short Term Rentals in San Jose, CA

If you are looking for short term rentals in San Jose, CA, here you will find the list of it. Just browse through the list and start your search for temporary housing and book it today!


Fully furnished condo in San Jose, CA; from $150 per night!

Fully furnished condo in San Jose, CA; from $150 per night!


If you are searching for an affordable but lovely lodging, you have just arrived at the right place. Here you will be provided with all information about private accommodation in San Jose, CA with all the necessary amenities in it at cheap prices.

If you come to San Jose for a few weeks, spacious houses with two or three bedrooms, clean bathrooms with towels, shower, etc. are ideal for families or large groups of friends. Self catering flats are available to rent directly from private owners, who are willing to answer any of your questions.

Rent a bed and breakfast apartment or some furnished private rooms in San Jose. These short term leases are great way to stay if you travel to San Jose for attending conference and plans to stay for a few days. Short lets are easily available around the city.

Choose studio apartment in downtown of the city or one in the suburb in more quiet area. Temporary accommodation is becoming popular for their great placement and position among the awesome neighborhoods.


The MonaLisa Suite in San Jose,CA; from $52 per night!

The Mona Lisa Suite for rent in San Jose,CA; from $52 per night!


More About San Jose, CA


Best known for its technology park, San Jose, California, is also nicknamed as ‘The Capital of Silicon valley’. Home to world’s leading ‘tech’ companies, the place is a real cosmopolitan due to the presence of people from various countries who work in these firms. There is much to see for the tech lovers in the city. Do not miss out on the Winchester Mystery House, an amazing blend of architecture.


San Jose, CA

San Jose, CA




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