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On this page you’ll find the most complete list of short term apartments in San Marino. Beside the list of temporary accommodations you can book, you’ll find some interesting info about this small country.



Private Rentals in San Marino


A bed and breakfast apartment in San Marino

Furnished apartment in San Marino- From €45 per night.


When you are planning to visit San Marino it is very important to consider to stay in one of the available private rentals instead in one of hotels. Our website have listed dozens of short stay houses in San Marino owned by locals. In comparison with hotels, these temporary rentals are much cheaper and provide much more comfort.

By renting one of furnished apartments in San Marino, you’ll feel like at home and will save some money. Also you will meet local people better and will understand their customs and way of life. So, to have an unforgettable holiday in San Marino, our advice is to rent a self-catering accommodation first.

All listed rentals are fully furnished, have internet connection, TV and anything you need during your short stay. Most of our properties are very well located, so you will be able to reach any point of San Marino from your temporary home very quickly.


A nice short term villa in San Marino

Luxury villa for rent in San Marino.


Holiday apartments and private rooms are tailored for any budget. There are some very cheap accommodations in San Marino, on the other end are luxury villas with many bedrooms that can be great choice for larger groups of people. The bed and breakfast service is also provided with some hosts.



Accommodation San Marino – More Details


The small country of San Marino is not widely considered as a country which attracts tourists and various other visitors. But the numbers are much higher than you might think, and the rising number of visitors are sometimes having problems with finding appropriate places to say and for such reason this page has been created.

We are offering you a wide variety of short term lets in San Marino for a reasonable price. There are various options for you to stay here and are all very affordable. Owned by people from this country, all of the listed accommodations in San Marino are private properties of the locals. This actually offers its owned advantages because many of the hosts offer some services which the hotels don’t.


By booking a shared accommodation you can also get a bed and breakfast included and many friendly landlords will be more than happy to show you around so you get acquainted with the city.

As the offer of flats and rental apartment is truly substantial here, you can choose one for various types of visit. You can lease a room while visiting for sightseeing tour, a restful holiday, or even a honeymoon for a romantic couple. San Marino offers some great locations for these vacation rentals that are situated all over the city.

Maybe the best option is renting a late room in the central part of San Marino, but other suburban areas in quieter parts of the city will allow you to have a serene stay. This is perhaps an option for people who are visiting with their kids and need a quiet place for them. There are also some self-catering types for families which besides giving you a nice kitchen have multiple bedrooms for a far better sleeping arrangement for the group.



Learn More About San Marino


With a population of 35000, San Marino is an enclave of Italy and a historical city. Though a member of United Nations, it is not a part of European Union. But it has a special arrangement by which it uses Euro as its official currency. Though it has an ancient past it is a popular tourist attraction.

The place is well served by very good transport. It has good infrastructural facilities to support tourist arrival. The most popular event is the Grand Prix which enthralls the public who are interested in auto racing. The only way to reach the place is by overland travel. Another popular tourist attraction is The Three Towers. Numerous wineries can be seen in the countryside.


A view of the roofs of San Marino

Roofs of San Marino



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