Short Stay Rentals in Sao Paulo

If you are looking for affordable short term rentals in Sao Paulo, Brazil, here you will find numerous private apartments and rooms available for rent!


Guest Room in Sao Paulo - from $57 per night!

Guest Room in Sao Paulo – from $57 per night!


Short Term Rentals in Sao Paulo


A metropolitan city as Sao Paulo, Brazil offers you the chance to choose from over thousands of short stay apartments. Locals from all over the city offer their own private places to all types of visitors for a suitable type of accommodation. Sao Paulo, Brazil features places to rent and shared accommodations at very cheap prices, as well as private rooms.


Private rooms are the most popular type of a private rentals as they are most suitable of short stays. There are also rooms in houses, in short stay apartments, and private rooms that can be found in the center of Sao Paulo or in the surrounding areas.

It is the most convenient way to spend the holiday because you have the luxury of doing what you want and the privilege to have your own privacy. If in some cases you need to share the housing with a host, you will have the opportunity to have your own private room where you will sleep and spend your personal time.


You may also choose a flat according to its amenities. All temporary housing these days offer WiFi services to go, some of the landlords will provide breakfast, while other offer private parking spaces. You have a choice between air conditioning and heating system, as well as washing and drying machines.

The most in demand amenity is a furnished kitchen. Whether you come alone or with some friends or in a larger group, the main thing which will be used is a place where you can prepare your food and avoid spending money for eating out.


These temporary accommodations in Sao Paulo can be chosen according to the luxury you require at the time of your stay and most importantly, your budget. There are a number of bed and breakfast apartments, spacious houses, holiday villas and private rooms to rent. If you prefer more, you can book one of the many self-catering flats with fully equipped kitchen.


Sao Paulo Flat

Apartment for in Sao Paulo – from $71 per night!


Location of Rental Apartments in Sao Paulo


There is no need to worry about finding a place to stay in Sao Paulo because there are available properties all around. For example, in the neighborhood of Aclimacao you can rent a furnished apartment for £53. It can accommodate up to four people and just 5 minute walk from supermarkets, shopping centers, pharmacies, bakeries, and other shops.

Aside from the many amenities like kitchen, TV, Wi-Fi, etc. that can make your stay more convenient, you can walk, exercise, lie on the grass, or enjoy the view of the huge lake that will guarantee a very relaxed time.

If you happen to be in the center of Sao Paulo, there are spacious loft that you can rent with beautiful vintage design for £47 per night. It is also very near from the Republica’s Metro Station and there are many restaurants, gyms, and supermarkets around the area. During weekends, you can have a great fun as many bars and clubs open until late. This is great if you love the nightlife as your form of relaxation.

If you are traveling with a friend, a family member, or a group of people, you will definitely need a place with larger and better sleeping arrangement. Given this, you can opt for a 2-bedroom apartment with great amenities at a price of £93 per night. It is located three blocks from Enseada beach and just walking distance from grocery stores and pizza places.

This is a great place to unwind and be at peace, without totally leaving the lively and energetic city life. A few days of stay here will definitely be worth it.


Catedral Ortodoxa de Sao Paulo, Brazil

Catedral Ortodoxa de Sao Paulo, Brazil


Why is Sao Paulo an Attractive Tourist Place?


Being the largest city in Brazil, Sao Paulo is well-known as one of the top tourist destinations. The lively city with a lot of skyscrapers is a main tourist hub in Brazil and is identified for its architecture, dining, nightlife, museums and shopping. A visit to the nearby beaches is a favorite thing to do here. The Praia Grande beach offers a lot of leisure activities like jet skiing.

Sao Paulo also has numerous tall structures in the nation. Edificio Italia and Banespa building are the towers that offer eye-catching beauty to the city. The amazing nightlife offered by a number of pubs and restaurants is another way to add that musical spice to your vacation trip.



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