Villas and Apartments to Rent in Seychelles

For a great holiday, check out some short term rentals on the Seychelles listed on this page. These islands have some of the best resorts and the page offers you a chance to rent some cheap and well-furnished apartments to stay while on your vacation. The information found here will guide through the process of finding a temporary home and help you rent it directly from the owner.


Entire home for rent in Seychelles. From €100 per night.

Entire home for rent in Seychelles. From €100 per night.


Accommodation in Seychelles


By renting some of the short stay apartments listed on the page you stand a great chance of saving a lot of money because all of the accommodations here are very cheap. You also get a good chance of finding a highly personal housing. The price of temporary accommodations in Seychelles is so low because it is set by the owners, which are people from the islands of Seychelles themselves.

Private rentals are one of the cheapest forms of staying in a foreign country actually. Also, it is personal because you can choose a vacation rental which will fit your needs and your needs only for the purpose of your stay. The Seychelles offer you great studios with an ocean view, luxurious duplex apartments or beach side villas with all the amenities and luxury you need.


On the other hand you can lease a condo or a serviced apartment which includes breakfast in your price, so you don’t have to worry about meals. Besides offering you the basic form of rentals like apartments for single or double use, the Seychelles offer a lot of holiday homes, which are mainly used by families or larger groups like business partners or groups of friends.

The most fabulous holiday apartments are luxury villas for short let. They are mainly situated along the beaches or close to the Oceanside. They will allow you to get the maximum amount of comfort from all of the listed housings and are meant for people who want to go all out for their visit to the Seychelles.

The island of the Seychelles is one of the most popular places in the world for tourism and one of the favorite holiday resorts of many people. The islands maybe offering you fun, sun and sand, but we here on this page are offering you a way to enjoy all of that.


Beautiful Ocean Front Bungalow for rent in Seychelles. From €109 per night.

Beautiful Ocean Front Bungalow for rent in Seychelles. From €109 per night.


Location of Villas


The largest island of the Seychelles islands, celled Mahe, has the majority of short stay accommodations. You can rent a studio in Victoria or a beach house near Beau Vallon Beach. The Eden Island is also popular and features some places to stay. Some private rooms are also available near the Botanical Garden of the island of Mahe.

The island of Praslin also welcomes people who want to lease some short stays. Holiday homes near the Vallee de Mai Nature reserve are available or some vacation rentals in Anse la Blague. You can find apartments near the Praslin Museum or Praslin National Park if you wish to visit these sites.



Prices & Costs


You may think that a serviced apartment for your holiday break on the Seychelles is very hard to afford. But the truth is that the lowest price is around 70 euros per day. The highest amount you will have to pay is around 400 euros a night and it refers to the most luxurious housings on the Seychelles.

Private rooms are about 70 to 90 euros, entire homes will cost you 100 to 180 euros, while the most luxurious and the places which are situated near or on the beaches are from 200 euros and higher.


Apartment for rent in Seychelles. From €200 per day.

Apartment for rent in Seychelles. From €200 per day.