Apartments For Rent in Singapore

A great selection of short term rentals in Singapore is available on this page. It is designed for faster finding, easier browsing and contains more information about the rentals themselves. It saves you a lot of time and provides you with great accommodations as well. Additionally, the page is equipped to inform you about the basic information about the visiting area.


Modern Tropical 1 Bedroom Apartment

Short term apartment for rent in Singapore


Apartment Rentals in Singapore


Singapore is a very attractive and metropolitan area. It attracts peoples with its modern design and luxury. Many people from all over the world visit Singapore year in and year out. Out of those reasons short stay apartments in Singapore come as a very useful option. They provide high quality of comfort at low prices which are affordable to almost anyone.

Private accommodations in Singapore are owned by local people. They lease their housings for an apt price and make sure that the rooms are well furnished. There are three options which you can use, private rooms, shared accommodations and whole houses to rent.


Shared apartments in Singapore are the cheapest accommodation option. You share them with your landlord or other tourists, but you can get a lot of help from your host when discovering the area. Private rooms in Singapore are suitable for lone travelers or couples.

But, couples or smaller groups of visitors should also try finding a flat or a serviced apartment which may also serve their needs. Holiday homes are big housings that have multiple bedrooms. They can accommodate a whole family and are often used by families who come with children or groups.




There are also vacation rentals in Singapore that are equipped with all sorts of amenities. Depending on your personal needs or the needs of your trip you may also base your search upon that. Another thing is that, there are places with with bed and breakfast services.

Hosts often provide a free breakfast included in the price and make sure that a meal is available for you every morning. On the other hand, self-catering accommodations are also in the mix. By renting these sorts of lets you can prepare any type of food you like because you are allowed to do so in your own kitchen with various appliances.


Singapore one bedroom apartment to let

One bedroom apartment in Singapore to rent. From €497 per night.


Short term accommodations in Singapore are tailored to a variety of tastes and financial capabilities and you can book literally everything from budget B&B rooms in private houses to fancy luxury penthouses and private holiday villas.

These holiday apartments in Singapore can be found in all city’s districts such as Riverside (Singapore’s colonial hub with lots of restaurants, bars, clubs, museums and theaters), Marina Bay (new and luxurious district with Marina Bay Sands Resort), Newton or Balestier (lots of cheap short stay rentals in Singapore can be found here, only short distance of the city’s center).

If you are looking for excellent shopping, go to one of the favorite destinations in Singapore- the Orchard Road and explore its miles and miles of shopping malls.


Singapore tropical apartment for rent

Tropical apartment for rent in Singapore . From €331 daily.


Basic Information About Singapore


Singapore is an island city-state in Southeast Asia made up of 63 islands. It was founded as a British trading colony in 1819, but the country gained independence in 1963. Singapore is highly developed, wealthy and one of the world’s most prosperous countries. Singapore port is one of the five busiest in the world. It is a famous tourist destination because of its great shopping, vibrant nightlife, delicious food, nature and wildlife.

Singapore is small country, but with more than five million people is considered to be the world’s second most densely populated country. Nevertheless, more than 50% of Singapore’s area is covered by parks and other green areas. That’s the reason why this city-state is known as a “garden city”.





Other popular attractions in Singapore include Singapore Zoo, Botanical Gardens and Jurong Bird Park, all located in the North and West district. If you plan to visit these places, book one of vacation rentals here. While on a holiday in Singapore don’t miss its numerous religious sites of Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Sikhism and other religions.




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