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Welcome to the page about short term apartments in Slovakia. Here you will find a villa or room where you can stay for a few days up to a few weeks. Browse our website and book your space!



Accommodation in Slovakia


Going to a hotel and renting a room has in recent times become old fashioned. Not that it’s just a thing of the past, it is also a more expensive way and used only by those who can afford it. Today, private rentals have gained popularity because they are more affordable than other forms of accommodation and they provide more options for every guest.

This page is a facilitator between the renters and the hosts who own these places. There are hundreds of short stay rentals in Slovakia listed here. Now you can visit this country with the budget you currently have and be able to see and experience everything that you have wanted.


Affordable rental apartment in Bratislava

Apartment for rent in Bratislava. From 30 EUR per day


Starting with the cheapest and the smallest, flats are the most used kind of a rental. There is also a great option of booking a temporary accommodation and stay with a friendly local family with free breakfast. On the other hand, serviced apartments are slightly bigger and provide more amenities. All of them have internet connection while some have double beds and better sleeping arrangements.

You can also find some with a kitchen and prepare your own food. Studios offer a bit more luxury than the standard apartment. They are great for a romantic stay of a couple and provide a modern and luxurious stay for all types of visitors. The rentals which are recently on demand are whole homes to rent and there are many holiday homes in Slovakia to rent.

Characterized by more space and comfort and also multiple bedrooms, the large vacation rentals are a great way for a group of friends or a family to spend their vacation to Slovakia. You can even go a step beyond and find luxurious short stay villas for a bargain price. It will give you a chance for a quality stay and at the highest level of comfort.



Learn More About Slovakia


Slovakia is medium-sized country. It shares the borders with Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Austria. Though the country faced high degree of turmoil, it has started developing its economy at a rapid pace, which resulted in having more tourists. One of the main reasons is that it is not spoiled by development.


A view of the beautiful Bratislava Skyline

The Bratislava skyline


Traditional lifestyles of the rural people, open tracts of land, castles and fortresses are major attractions. Mountain parks and natural attractions are very popular as well. With excellent food for the tourists, Slovakia can be a complete experience. Bratislava– the capital is well served by flights from every European center. The rest of Europe is connected by buses and train. Košice is the city that is also worth visiting.


The must-see Orava Castle in Slovakia

The Orava Castle in Slovakia



Short Term Rentals in Slovakia


Any short stay at Slovakia will require a holiday apartment. It can be self-catering houses or vacation villas. Both the types offer excellent facilities along with a comfortable stay and affordable rates. If you are with your family members opting for either of them will be the best option.


A furnished short stay apartment in Slovakia

Short Term Apartment in Slovakia


In case you are going with a few members or alone you may go for apartment rentals. All types of rentals are furnished. Therefore, it is essential that you do an advance booking for your stay in any of these short stay rentals. These can be done through online booking without any waste of time.




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