Find Cheap Holiday Rentals in Slovenia

Slovenia is a beautiful country in Europe. Its cultural and natural amenities have made it attractive to the tourists. The country is bordered by the Adriatic Sea, Italy, Hungary, Austria, and Croatia. Its capital is Ljubljana. It is dubbed as miniature Europe, or the Alps’ sunny side.

When you will visit this country you will realize the truth. Beaches, hills, mountains, grapevines, sunflowers, all these things will attract your eyes. You will enjoy their historic castles, baroque palaces, Gothic churches, and civic buildings.



Short Term Accommodation in Slovenia


Slovenia is truly an attractive country to visit. Modern cities, high standards, natural beauties and mountain and snow sports are a prime example of what makes the contemporary country of Slovenia. But not everyone can afford to visit this country because the accommodation these days are not so cheap. But this page offers a way for travelers who are on a budget to spend an affordable vacation in Slovenia.

There are a lot of short term rentals in Slovenia that are very comfortable. They offer high standards of stay for a price that everyone can afford. Not only that, you also get more options to choose from as the private homeowners from this country offer various private rentals. You can book a flat in the central part of the city in Slovenia for a marvelous vacation.

There are studios in Slovenia which are very appropriate for business trips. More than a hundred serviced apartments are available on this page and give every visitor a chance to find its purpose. In terms of the offered amenities, the majority are very modernly arranged.


Ljubljana Apartment

Apartment to let in the center of Ljubljana, Slovenia!


There are places to rent with an internet connection and various entertainment systems while other bigger places include Laundromats, parking spaces, multiple bedrooms and various other comforts. But a trip to Slovenia can also be a luxurious one and the offered short stay villas will certainly give you that chance.

There are a dozen of them to rent and will allow your stay to be truly extravagant. Many of holiday apartments in Slovenia include a swimming pool, hot tubs or even a private gym and are a great way for a group of people to spend a great stay here.

But there is something here for those who are interested in visiting the mountain slopes and ski resorts of Slovenia as there are some accommodation close to these centers available and cottages for those who want to keep in touch with the adventurous spirit.



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When you will see the plains blanketed with sunflowers your mind will be refreshed, you will forget all the anxieties. The warm Mediterranean breeze will cheer your mind. These are some of the reasons why many international tourists visit this country each year.

To enjoy the beauty of this green country there are many short term rentals and houses where tourists can stay during their visits. Hence, you need not worry about the accommodation. This site helps you to find out affordable and comfortable self-catering villas and apartments for rent.


Litija, Slovenia

Litija, Slovenia


You are very much welcome to enjoy the natural scenery of this country. All their living facilities are comfortable for a short stay. If you are a single person and want to stay in a single room, then you can hire any of their well furnished rooms that are available for rent. Good quality bed and breakfast will increase your pleasure.