Short Term Rentals in South America

Enjoy a wonderful vacation in our short term stays in South America. This page has all the information needed for you to rent a place for you to enjoy your visit to one of the exotic countries of South America.

You will be renting from and staying with some of the local private homeowners who are renting their own homes and have made them available and public via this page. You can choose to stay this way in whatever country or city of South America you like.



Holiday Apartments For Rent in South America – Info


Chose a great holiday home or a comfortable late room in some of the best vacation spots of South America. It is very popular among a variety of tourists who are looking for a nice holiday. The thing which the continent of South America is most known for are its favorable weather, great beaches, very positive atmosphere and attitude of the people living there and enough sun and good spirits to lighten your mood.

South America can also be popular due to its historical landmarks and heritage sites, which are one of the popular reasons why people come here. By using this page you have a chance to do all those things you want on your trip and see the modern metropolis of South America like Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro.

Take a look at a variety of self-catering accommodations offered in every single city on the South American continent. There are shared accommodations, which can be useful for overnight or short stays and are appropriate for budget trips.


Fully equipped studio in Buenos Aires - from $55!

Studio for rent in Buenos Aires – from $55 daily!


You can also enjoy a serviced apartment for you and your friends. Enjoy a wonderful night out in town and get to know the nightlife of cities like Sao Paulo for instance and have a nice and comfortable flat to rest when you get back to it. Being that South America is popular due to its beaches and vacation resorts it is only logical to look for places near them.

That is why you can browse for various beach houses and vacation rentals which are located on near the beaches. Apartment rentals will account for your well-being during your trip and with a combination of comfort and the included amenities will make your stay far better.


Flat  in Rio de Janeiro

Rent an apartment in Rio de Janeiro – from $56 per night!


Besides spending your stay in South America on a beach you can also enjoy other forms of entertainment or do some sightseeing of the local heritages sites and landmarks. The listed studios here will also help you achieve that since there are places which are located near some of the sites or in the nearest vicinity of them.

Visit the metropolis like Santiago or exotic countries like Peru by staying in these short lets. If the basic offer is not enough for you, we have a range of some of the most exclusive and exquisite private housings as well. Short stay villas are available for those who like spending a luxury vacation and is available for a knockdown price.


Great flat in Santiago Downtown - from $45!

Studio for rent in Santiago de Chile Downtown. From $45 per night!


Countries of South America Where You Can Find Apartments For Short Stay


The list of places to stay in South America is large and is constantly growing. Depending on your need and purpose of visit you may conduct a search via our page in order to choose a place to stay by your choice.

Countries to visit like Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela, Mexico and so on, are available here on this page and hundreds of various places to stay are available in each one of them. If you cannot find the desired one in the list, conduct a search of your own on the page and we are certain that a late room in the country where you are visiting will pop up.


South America Short Term Rental Map