Holiday Apartments in Suriname

Looking for short term rentals in Suriname? Check out the list of temporary housing and find the one that will suitable your budget and needs!


Paramaribo House

Rent a house in Paramaribo, Suriname – form $40 per night!


If you are planning for a short but economical holiday in Suriname, short term leases are the best option in front of you. You can avail of some quality temporary accommodations at cheap prices, which will make your city break the best ever. Including packages like bed and breakfast, providing you some great native cuisines, you can save a lot of money while living in private houses during your stay in Suriname.

Get some well furnished self-catering houses and budget villas as well as apartments available for rent, private and shared rooms and many other amenities, which you may have got in hotels by spending much more. With your short holiday in Suriname, you can also rent some awesome nightly and weekly flats, which will give you the best stay at very low prices.


These studios are giving out a tough challenge to the hotels and other commercial facilities for tourist lodgings.  For those who plan on visiting this piece of heaven on their own, there are many choices. Renting a private room is a good choice if you want a comfortable stay with a significant number of amenities included, the list of which depends on the chosen rental – prices start from $20 per day.

Bed & breakfast is another option and, as the name says, it also includes breakfast which is a great opportunity to taste local specialties. The prices for this arrangement starts from $28 per night. For larger groups of guests or for those who are visiting on their own but with the top level of luxury, there are villas for rent in Paramaribo, Suriname for $549 per night with all amenities included.


Suriname House

House for rent in Paramaribo, Suriname -from $27 per night!


Something About Suriname


Previously named the Dutch Guiana, the country of Suriname is the smallest independent country in the South American continent. With a coastline formed by the North Atlantic Ocean, the country’s most of the population lives near the coastline of it. The country has got a tropical climate and has two seasons of rain: hot and humid summer. With tropical rain forest and mangrove swamps, the country has a vivid collection of flora and fauna, which attracts nature lovers to this coastal country.