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Sweden is a rich country bordered by Finland and Norway. It connects to Denmark via a bridge-tunnel. The capital and the largest city is Stockholm. Sweden is comparatively warmer than many other places that are at similar latitude. Enjoy their culture and national events to cheer up your mind. Natural scenery and different sporting events will enrich your traveling experience.



Accommodation in Sweden


Sweden is one of the countries with the highest standard of living in Scandinavia and Europe. Many people grab the chance of visiting or seeing this country and many come here for business or other purposes. But it is not always easy to find a hotel room and some smaller areas do not even have appropriate places to stay.

But what if you can stay in other people’s homes for as half the amount of money than you would in a hotel? Leasing places to stay from this page will allow you to find a perfect short term rental in Sweden. The people who have opened their homes to the foreign visitors are very friendly, who themselves like to travel and are willing to show the newly befriended visitors a tour of the area.


Temporary Apartment in Stockholm

Apartment for rent in Sweden


You can rent a shared accommodation and stay in one of the families and get a bed and breakfast service as well. But there are also options which mean that you will be renting and staying in your own private flat. Some are located in urban areas, in the center of Sweden’s cities, while there are late rooms in some lesser popular parts and smaller cities.

These types of accommodation in Sweden are well furnished, warm and have some extra amenities which will be of great use. The hosts have prepared their short stay leases so they are more than appealing to all the visitors. There are also options for larger groups. Holiday homes of different kinds are available.

They have more bedrooms so a sleeping arrangement for more people can easily be arranged. They also have a big kitchen which will allow you to prepare your own food for the people you are travelling with. Although a bed and breakfast is great when you are traveling alone, a self-catering accommodation goes a long way when you are in a group or with your family.



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Stockholm,  Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden


When you visit Stockholm you will be amazed when viewing the cleanliness of the city. There are many apartments and short term rentals which are waiting for you. All these condos and self-catering houses are well furnished and all modern facilities are available.

In Stockholm you can enjoy your time by visiting peaceful parks, wonderful museums, and nightlife. For bed and breakfast you need not to be worried, most of the villas and other living places have excellent food services. There are also cheap living places that are available for rent.

If you like the water views; then go to Storsj. This huge lake and its scenery will astound your eyes. To enjoy these interesting things you will need a comfortable room for a short stay. You can hire it at an affordable cost. You can also enjoy hiking in Sweden; the Kungsleden trail is over 500 km long.