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Julio Aparicio - gored in the throat - bullfighting

The Worst Bullfighting Injuries – PHOTOS

Bullfighting, along with Running of the Bulls is one of the many traditions related to Iberian Peninsula, namely Spain and Portugal, but also with countries of Latin America which are under a strong cultural influence of the two Iberian countries. There is a strong movement led by various animal rights organizations opposing this tradition which […]

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Ecce Homo - Spain - Restauration

The Unholy Miracle

Almost a year ago, the Spanish born female painter artist Cecilia Gimenez was given the job of restoring a painting, or more accurately a fresco of our lord and savior, Jesus Christ himself. This news do not seem that interesting, but if we add that the artist managed to completely ruin the piece of art […]

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La Rioja Wine

Spain + Food + Travel

History of Spanish cuisine is one of the most interesting in the world. Tracing roots back to the times when Roman Empire controlled the Iberian Peninsula cuisine of this geographical area evolved with each significant event and every turn of century, while still being under the influence of such changes. Various civilizations brought some of […]

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