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This is the page about short term rentals in Tel Aviv, Israel. Here you can compare and book more than a thousand apartments and private rentals in the city. All these temporary rentals in Tel Aviv are listed by friendly locals.


People often look for cost-effective, efficient and reliable places for their accommodation. Many sites offer similar services, but it is only with us that you will find everything you need out of a page which will give the ultimate online renting experience. This page is particularly concentrated on the city of Tel Aviv and will give you a breakdown of its best holiday apartments available . All of the offered apartments for rent in Tel Aviv listed here are owned by private owners who are very friendly people and provide a great service for the tourists and those on business.


Tel Aviv apartment for rent

Holiday apartment in Tel Aviv available for renting


Hundreds of short term rentals which are listed here are waiting to be booked. You can do so by following some very easy steps on this page. Firstly, all of the listed housings are modernly and beautifully furnished, allowing for a great staying experience with some very useful amenities.

Secondly, you will have an offer of a dozen different rental types, starting from private rooms and ending with enormous luxury vacation rentals. You have the freedom of choice when it comes to versatility like no other page offers. In Tel Aviv, you will also find a range of shared accommodations allowing you to rent a room and share other facilities of the housing with your landlord.


There is also an option of leasing an apartment and many of them are located in the center of Tel Aviv. Self-catering accommodations allow you to have a place to prepare your food, thus saving you money in the process. Also, you can consider the larger homes which are useful for group visits. Besides more space, they also come with more bedrooms, a large kitchen, a washing machine, parking space and in some cases a back yard for relaxation. There are several popular neighborhoods in Tel Aviv, like: Florentin, Jaffa, Kerem HaTeimanim, Lev HaIr, Merkaz HaIr (biggest one), Tzafon Yashan, and other where you can find more self-catering accommodation.


It’s also important to inform you that all properties in Tel Aviv that are available for rent are equipped and furnished. You’ll have free Wi-Fi internet, possibility to do your laundry in your rental and many more. Hundreds of holiday apartments have a gym and parking is available in more than 200 listed places. Tel Aviv is a very advanced city, so each higher building has elevators. There are also some owners who may allow you to bring a pet for a more fun stay.



Learn More About Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv is the most populous city of Israel and the second largest one. It is approximately located in the central-west part of Israel along the country’s Mediterranean coast. Tel Aviv was founded by the Jewish community in 1909. The city grew in population which led to the merger with the city of Jaffa in which outskirts Tel Aviv was founded resulting in one major city. Today, Tel Aviv is the technological and economic hub of the country.



The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange is situated here, which greatly brought to the development of the city. Tel Aviv has the second greatest economy in the Middle East and is on the list of the most expensive cities in the world. Dubbed as the city which never sleeps, Tel Aviv is also the party capital of the country and the region. Since the city receives a great amount of visitors each year, the thing which attracts them the most is the nightlife this city has to offer.


Tel Aviv is also known for its Bauhaus style of architecture. The collective sites built in this style have been proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The site is called Tel Aviv’s White City. Some modern examples of architecture are the Shalom Meir Tower, Park Tzameret, the First International Bank Tower and the Rothschild Tower.

More things which the tourists will most likely appreciate are the Meir Park, the Hayarkon Park and Dubnow Park, while the popular clubs like the Haoman 17 club, Comfort 13, Paradise Garage and the Block Club will definitely be unforgettable.



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