The Unholy Miracle

Almost a year ago, the Spanish born female painter artist Cecilia Gimenez was given the job of restoring a painting, or more accurately a fresco of our lord and savior, Jesus Christ himself. This news do not seem that interesting, but if we add that the artist managed to completely ruin the piece of art and in the same way make a profit then that becomes a very interesting topic to talk about. She managed to blasphemously paint our lord to look as like an ape and completely embarrass herself.

Ecce Homo - Spain - Restauration

Original version, damaged fresco, and after the “restauration”

But the painting became such an attraction that people from all around came to the town of Borja, Zaragoza to see it. More than 40 000 people came to Spain to witness firsthand the picture that Cecilia painted and up till now it has earned more than 50 000 euros, which were of course donated to various charity organizations. Unintentionally, Cecilia managed to make an attraction by restoring and making one of the most blasphemous symbols of this century. She also managed to organize an independent exhibition in a small town with only 5000 inhabitants. Cecilia is supposed to split the profits with the local governing branch and receive 49% of the total income of the sales of her unique copy of the lord Jesus Christ.


Cecilia Gimenez tries to explain what she’s done

Cecilia Gimenez is a 81-year-old painter who is retired and just wanted to restore one of her favorite frescos by giving it her unique touch. Little did she know that she would be ridiculed and mocked for her work because the painting at the end resembled the picture of a monkey or an ape more than a man. The fresco is the work of an unknown artist and was painted in the 19th century and little thought had been given to that fresco until this. The painting’s original name is “Ecce Homo” which translates “Behold the Man,” but after this restoring incident the picture had been dubbed “Ecce Mono” or “Behold the Monkey.”

A great weight has been lifted from Cecilia’s shoulders because she had threat for over a year because of her work. But now when the fresco became such an attraction and the money which the painting earned was given to various charity organizations, Cecilia is happy because she could be able to help so many people and children in need at the end.

A thing that stated as a simple restoring of a painting turned up to be one of the biggest scandals of the year, and at the end managed to turn the tide and result in a charity event. Who would have thought that a load of complete smudges which resembled an incoherent shape would at the end became so lucrative. It boosted Cecilia Gimenez’s career for sure and managed to help so many lives in the process. The Lord sometimes does work in mysterious ways, does he?

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