Holiday Apartments To Rent in Tokyo

If you are going to visit Tokyo for a short term, then you have come to the right page because this is where you will find many information about holiday rentals and vacation apartments. We would help you find rooms, flats, homes or apartments according to your requirements and stay duration in Tokyo.



You can different private accommodations for rent in Tokyo through this page, differing in location, type, price and amenities available. Your hosts will be local people who will gladly help you with any information you might need – whether giving you directions to the different landmarks or restaurants that prepare authentic Japanese food.


Tokyo Studio Apartment To Let

Tokyo studio apartment to let – from 96 EUR per day!


A person who plans to visit a city like Tokyo should get the best deals in terms of hotel rooms, villas, bed and breakfast services. It is also important that these types of services should meet one’s travel requirements and preferences. If you’re planning to spend a couple days in this city with your family, then opt for a fully furnished apartment for rent in Tokyo that costs only $58 per day with amenities included.


Tokyo is the capital of Japan, which is the best in terms of infrastructure and developments. It garnered 23 central city awards and was previously proclaimed as Edo the castle town. Aside from its large population, it is also the political centre of Japan.

The city is best known for shopping, gadgets and new technology. As we know, Japan is one of the most developed nations in terms of technology. They have 5g services for their users which would take a lot time to be available in other nations. It also has many historic museums and gardens.


Tokyo Double Studio Suite For Rent

Tokyo short term rental – from 96 EUR per night!



Location and Prices of Apartments in Tokyo


Japan in general is a great country to visit. If you are planning to have a vacation here, choosing its capital-Tokyo will definitely give you a worthwhile trip. However, many people may hesitate to visit Tokyo, having a thought in mind that everything here is expensive. But with the help of short term rentals, you can save a lot of money on your accommodation. There is no need to spend more than your budget just to experience luxury and comfort in Tokyo.

If you want to have a view of the famous Mt. Fuji, this page will offer you apartments that will be perfect for this desire of yours. Whether you are on a vacation or business trip, you can have a cozy room near the JK Kamata Station. The property is also near the Keikyu Kamata Station and the different shopping centers.

You will also be provided with great amenities such as Wi-Fi connection, kitchen, air conditioner, washing machine, and many more. You just have to pay €183 for this per night.


You can also choose a vacation rental in the Shinjuku East area, a thriving urban center in Tokyo. You can enjoy the convenience of an apart-hotel and look forward to a pleasant stay that combines the privacy and freedom of an apartment and the luxury of a hotel. For a price of €235, this serviced residence is strategically located near the shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden and the Shinjuku hospital.

If you happen to visit Tokyo with some friends or family, do not worry about spending too much on accommodation. You can rent a lovely apartment near the Haneda Airport that will provide you with better sleeping arrangement and more amenities. The price of €235 per night can be divided to all members of the group and you’ll be surprised to end up with great savings. You can use this extra money for other things that will make your trip extra memorable.


Disney World, Tokyo, Japan

Disney World, Tokyo, Japan


What to Do in Tokyo


The many activities to do and witness in Tokyo would make never want to leave.  Don’t miss to watch Sumo wrestling in the Months of January, May, and September in the National Sumo Hall. To know more about their history, the Meiji Shrine will give you enough idea of what Tokyo, or Japan as a whole has been through in the past.

At the end of the day, you should stroll around the Yoyogi Park to have some breath of fresh air and to relax your body and mind. This is also a good venue if you happen to visit with your kids. They can play around, while you enjoy the scenery of the surround area. All these and more are waiting for you in Tokyo. Don’t forget to taste authentic Japanese food!




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