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Top 40 London Blogs Award BadgeWhen it comes to cities around the world, very few have the creativity, history, and vastness of London.


But what is there to do or see in this fine city? So much, you can’t pick just one thing.  Well fear no more, we got it covered for you.


We have collected the Top 40 blogs about London. These blogs will tell you where to eat (and what to avoid), what to do, what to see and the hidden treasures of this city.


Written by native Londoners and foreign expats alike, each blog has its own unique twist that will appeal to a variety of readers.


Whether you’re a native Londoner or a tourist visiting London for the first time, these blogs have the inside scoop on everything London.


Read the latest on the newest restaurants, the coolest neighbourhoods, and the best events throughout the city.

These are the best of the best London bloggers and we hope that they will inspire you to try some new food or explore a part of the city that may go unnoticed or attend a uniquely London event.

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Tea time anyone








Wish Wish Wish London Awards

Wish Wish Wish

Carrie is the peppy young lady behind “Wish Wish Wish” and you will wish that you own all of her adorable outfits.

Her kindness exudes from her London-based site where she shows readers the best places in London and how to eat delicious food but not look like you eat a ton of delicious food…which is hard to do.

Look for her post Pickinking at Kenwood House because it will be the most adorable thing you’ll see all day.


Follow Carrie @wishwishwish on Twitter





A Lady In London London Blogger AwardsA Lady in London

“A Lady in London” is a blog run by the American-born Julie. She is sensible and highly educated, so it makes sense that she an important job to live  in London and explore all life has to offer by travelling. Julie offers travel planning services in addition to documenting her own travels.

Read Lady in Pimlico to follow Julie around while she explores restaurants and cafes  in the neighborhood of Pimlico. The real treat is Julie’s delicate and ladylike writing.


Follow Julie @aladyinlondon on Twitter





Tired of London Tired of Life London Blogger Awards Tired of London Tired of Life

Tom Jones (the blogger, not the singer) runs the blog “Tired of London Tired of Life.” It isn’t a downer as the title may suggest. This blog highlights daily events in London that may go unnoticed if you weren’t a local Londoner. It is a great resource for anyone planning a trip to London or a native who is tired of typical London life (see, get the name now?).

Walk in Tavistock Square is something that can be done whenever the mood strikes and is a historic spot in London.


Follow Tom @tiredoflondon on Twitter





Tea Time with Me and Friends London Blogger AwardsTea Time with Me and Friends

Lorna and Rachel are the sisters behind the tea based blog “Tea Time with Me and Friends.” Like any proper Brit, they love their afternoon tea and sandwiches. And most importantly, they want to share it with you. They try new afternoon tea times every week throughout London and share their thoughts.

This is the perfect blog for you if you love tea and girls with quirky personalities. Read Time for Tea-The Thistle Brighton to understand what their posts are like.


Follow Lorna and Rachel @wedgie16 on Twitter





Tiki Chris London Blogger AwardsTiki Chris

“Tiki Chris” is an award-winning blog focusing on London culture and also features posts on food, drink, and travel.

Chris is the talented man behind this blog that is well rounded and contains information that is uniquely informative. Deep down he is a restaurant guy and that is what most of his posts are about.

Take a trip to America with Chris when he visits a New Orleans themed restaurant, Ninth Ward, New Orleans Style Bar in Clerkenwell and enjoys his favorite beer.


Follow Chris @tikichris on Twitter





Adventures of a London Kiwi London Blogger AwardsAdventures of a London Kiwi

A native New Zealander who settled in London, Emma is a down to earth lady whose blog, “Adventures of a London Kiwi” is a combination of her personal lifestyle and travel adventures. What makes Emma most likeable is that she is clever enough to coin her own phrases such as perma-tourist. Meaning she likes to tour London (her permanent home) as a tourist. See, she’s clever.

London, Christmas Wonderland is an example of her perma-tourism and shows all the magic of Christmas in beautiful London.


Follow Emma @LondonKiwiEmma on Twitter





Zoe London London Blogger AwardsZoe London

Zoe is a young woman learning the ups and downs of life in London, all depicted in her, self-named blog “Zoe London.” She is still figuring it out as she goes but her confidence and friendliness makes her feel more like your college roommate and not some blogger you are semi-stalking on the internet. She also has really cool hair.

She blogs about food, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Afternoon Tea for a glimpse into Zoe’s writing style and a totally awesome tea theme.


Follow Zoe @zoelondondj on Twitter





SilverSpoon London London Blogger AwardsSilverSpoon London

“SilverSpoon London” is a luxury travel and lifestyle blog that also has space for great food. Angie is the sweet girl behind the scenes and gives the reader a taste of a luxurious life that many of us only dream.

She loves salmon, her husband, and travelling in style. She has been almost everywhere and has such a classy, dazzling way about her, you’ll find yourself caught up in all of her posts.

Fairy Tale Flowers at Chelsea in Bloom is one of many London events Angie suggests to her readers.


Follow Angie @SilverSpoonLDN on Twitter





A Passport Affair London Blogger AwardsA Passport Affair

Megan began her travels after her husband retired from military service that required 13 total moves. They settled in London and Megan followed her dream of travelling.

She is dedicated to finding unique travel spots, creating memories and worrying about/caring for her three adult daughters. “A Passport Affair” is a delight to read and her personable voice really comes through in her writing.

Street Art in London, a Walking Tour is an example of the fun exploring Megan does in her home city.


Follow Megan @APassportAffair on Facebook





Secretly London London Blogger AwardsSecretly London

Kieran is a freelance travel writer who magnificently created a complete textbook guide to London, called “Secretly London.”

This blog is so interesting, informative and picturesque you can almost visit London without getting off the couch.

But if you enjoy getting off your couch, this blog is a must read for anyone planning a trip to London or who think they have seen and done it all.

Visit the Food Cheap category under dining to eat a great meal at a low price in a great city.


Follow Kieran @SecretLDN on Twitter





Emm in London London Blogger AwardsEmm in London

“Emm in London” began as a personal blog by Mandy to stay in touch with friends on a different continent.

It turned into more and Mandy, now settled in London, is dedicated to seeing all London has to offer at all times. She has a love of knowledge and explores London like a foreigner.

An Afternoon at the Geffrye Museum is a museum in London that depicts different rooms from eleven different time periods. It is the type of place a tourist may miss and local may forgo.


Follow Mandy @mandyist on Twitter





West London Mum London Blogger AwardsWest London Mum

“West London Mum” is an online magazine that combines West London’s savvy neighborhoods. with a child-friendly touch.

This magazine is written by four relatable mums who know the challenges of raising little people but remaining true to themselves. They have many suggestions for child-friendly activities and restaurants. You can also ditch the kids too.

Look at the Date Night category under eat for great eating suggestions to actually speak to your partner over dinner and a fine wine.


Follow West London Mum @westlondon_mum on Twitter





Love London London Blogger AwardsLove London

“Love London” is lifestyle blog run by JJ, a London native absolutely loves her city. So much so she started this lifestyle blog about her beloved city.

Learn about the nightlife, arts and culture and restaurants in London, as well as fashion, relationships, and travel.

Read Tube Strike Woes? Forget Them, Drink Here for JJ’s lovely opinion on where to have a good drink after a hard day at work and a terrible commute. Or a hard day after doing nothing. You deserve a drink.


Follow JJ @Love_London on Twitter





Scarlett London London Blogger AwardsScarlett London

Journalism student Scarlett began the blog “Scarlett London” as way to practice her writing skills and impress future employers.

It began as a simple lifestyle blog but now incorporates beauty, fashion, travel, food, drink, and refreshingly honest posts on her personal life.

Her reviews of Mexican restaurant Mestizo located in London will show you how down to earth she is and will also be a great suggestion for a good place to eat.


Follow Scarlett @Scarlett_London on Twitter





Run Away Kiwi London Blogger AwardsRun Away Kiwi

Rebecca of “Run Away Kiwi” is, simply put, awesome. Not only did she ditch a boring corporate job, her about me section is written to the same tune as the theme song from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

A native New Zealander who is now braving the northern hemisphere, Rebecca began her blog in an attempt learn more about London. Now, she is an expert helping others escaping a boring life.

Her post How to Survive London-A Guide for First Time Expats is a must read and informative.


Follow Rebecca @runawaykiwi on Twitter





Coffee and Heels London Blogger AwardsCoffee and Heels

Animal loving, vegan Sascha works for PETA by day but moonlights with her blog “Coffee and Heels” at night.

A self-proclaimed coffee addict, she writes about a vegan lifestyle, cruelty-free beauty tips, fashions and travel tips.

After living in Russia and Sweden, Sascha is relatively new to London.

Still, Cool Things You’ll Only See in London will show her fitting in seamlessly and loving it.


Follow Sascha @Coffee-and-Heels on Facebook





Family Travel Time London Blogger AwardsFamily Travel Times

This blog is written by a family of four. Mom, Sarah, is a journalist. Dad, Brian, is not. No word on the children’s occupations. “Family Travel Times” is a must read for anyone with children who will be out and about in London.

It is unique because you have posts written by children. Jess and Robert, the aforementioned children, visited and wrote about Kidzania.

A place where kids have the opportunity to run their own city. Becoming Reporters, Recyclers and Radio Presenters at Kidzania London is a must read.


Follow Sarah @sarahjebner on Twitter





Urban Pixxels London Blogger AwardsUrban Pixxels

Jacintha moved to London from the Netherlands. Her blog “Urban Pixxels” in named for her love of photography.

She writes and photographs in the lifestyle, travel and food niche.

She moved to London fairly recently but seems to thoroughly enjoy all it has to offer.

Her post, Slow Food & Living Market, is a wonderful review on a farmers market with healthy, local, fresh, and delicious food found in the heart of London.


Follow Jacintha @urbanpixxels on Twitter





Sequins and Cherry Blossoms London Blogger AwardsSequins and Cherry Blossoms

Fran is a true Londoner, born and raised. It would be safe to say she knows a thing or two about what to do and where to go in this fine city. “Sequins and Cherry Blossoms” is partly named for

Fran’s love of all things Japanese from culture to food. She is the author of a Japanese murder mystery series. Very cool. Fran attempts to make it to every Japanese event in London.

Her post, Hyper Japan Summer 2015-Bigger, Better, Louder summarizes one of London’s biggest celebrations of Japanese culture.


Follow Fran @FranPickering on Twitter





A Mum in London London Blogger AwardsA Mum in London

“A Mum in London” is a child-friendly blog by Alexia, a busy mum of two boys under the age of four. She knows the hippest spots for anyone under the age of five and she is willing to share.

Alexia navigates London with her children in mind but also highlights events for adults because all mums need to get away every once and awhile.

She gives a historic suggestion in Going Out in London: Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre urging everyone to visit the London treasure for a fair price.


Follow Alexia @AMumInLondon on Twitter





American Girl in Chelsea London Blogger AwardsAmerican Girl in Chelsea

Christy is in an American who jumped across the pond. Moving to a new country is difficult so Christy started this blog to help other American women become acquainted with London life.

Christy is fun which makes her blog charming. Hot Dogs from the West Coast in the West End, Introducing Topdog is a review of a new restaurant serving American style hot dogs. If lack of authentic hot dogs was the one thing keeping you from moving to London, you can make the big move now.


Follow Christy @AGinChelsea on Twitter





Samphire and Salsify London Blogger AwardsSamphire and Salsify

Dominic loves food and restaurants. This love began as a child because his mother was a horrible cook (ouch) and his family usually went out to eat.

“Samphire and Salsify” specializes in restaurant reviews but also features interviews with chefs and will cover older restaurants as well. If you’re starving in London, Dominic is your guy.

Best Breakfast in London has well-recommended restaurants in London for lunch…err, breakfast. Just don’t visit the site when you’re hungry because he takes pictures of delicious food.


Follow Dominic @SamphireSalsify on Twitter





Oh So London London Blogger AwardsOh So London

Lucy is a friendly award winning journalist who now writes a lifestyle and travel blog based in London, “Oh So London” She dreams of someday living in New York City, but, for now relishes all London has to offer.

She’ll highlight her favorite places to eat, get a drink, and pamper herself. Like most normal people, Lucy likes to treat herself to a delicious drink and a beautiful view.

Cocktails! The Bloom Gin Rooftop Garden Bar @ Vista Trafalgar Hotel shows just that.


Follow Lucy @OhSo_London on Twitter





She Loves London London Blogger AwardsShe Loves London

Jo loves London and her blog, “She Loves London” reflects that. She is a native Londoner who doesn’t cater to tourists, her blog is for the locals only.

That is what sets her apart from the rest.

She is witty and has a dry sense of humour. Jo is very open in her blogging and it is quite clear that she is young and fun.

In Let’s Play Ping Pong at Bounce in Holborn. Now THAT’S a Nice Idea, Jo spends a night out playing ping pong.


Follow Jo @JoannaHC on Twitter





Globetrotter Postcards London Blogger AwardsGlobetrotter Postcards

Based on the name of the blog, “Globetrotter Postcards”, it is no secret that Sam loves to travel. In fact, she has quite an impressive passport. She has been to 27 countries!

Sam is an Australian expat who makes London her home base. In addition to her extensive travels, Sam blogs about life in London. Since she is adventurous, watch Sam go on a London loo tour which is exactly how it sounds.

London Loo Tour: Seriously Quirky is a tour of public toilets throughout London.


Follow Sam @TravelsByVP on Twitter





Girl in London London Blogger AwardsGirl in London

Cheylene is an American girl in London who made the big move during the US recession. “Girl in London” isn’t a typical blog. Cheylene writes because she loves documenting her life in Europe, other travels, and helping others moving to London just like she did.

She also has great recommendations for those just coming for a visit or starting a new life.

A Lazy Afternoon at the British Library may not be a top destination for tourists but it should be for any literary fan.  


Follow Cheylene @wanderbliss on Twitter





Cabbie Blog GibsonCabbie Blog

“Cabbie Blog” is a unique blog because Gibson (a pseudonym)  has been a London cabbie for 18 years. He knows the ins and outs of London.

He encounters locals and tourists alike. Basically, he knows everything about London and he is sharing it with us common folk. Driving the streets of London all day, makes Gibson privy to the best of London and the worst. Trust his opinion. He keeps it real.

Look at Hidden London-The Good to get a professional opinion of the must see London sites.


Follow Gibson @CabbieBlog on Twitter





Oh the Places We Will Go London  Blogger AwardsOh the Places We Will Go

American expat Selena moved to London after marrying her British husband. They were married 3 months after they met but Sabrina swears she isn’t adventurous.

Selena has a good sense of humour and doesn’t take herself too seriously. On “Oh The Places We Will Go,” Selena writes of her and her husband’s journeys around London and the world.

A highlight is Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum where Selena shows us where to go to a school about rum!


Follow Selena @SelenaThePlaces on Twitter





Mollie Bylett London Blogger AwardsMollie Bylett

After deciding that university wasn’t for her, Mollie embarked on a backpacking trip beginning in Southeast Asia.

Now back in London, Mollie has a singing career, a travel/lifestyle blog, and  has a part-time regular job because bills exist. She is young so she knows the coolest places in London.

Borough Market + Wok It Noodles-Being a Tourist in My Own City is a great touristy suggestion for anyone coming for a visit in London. Plus there is so much food, too bad you’re just looking it and not eating any.


Follow Mollie @molliebylett on Twitter





The London Perspective London Blogger AwardsThe London Perspective

Adanma describes herself as passionate about London. She loves everything about London. London culture, food and its hidden gems.

She is naturally artistic and this comes through on her blog, “The London Perspective”.

Adanma has a sweet way about her and it really shows when she visits London’s only cat cafe A Trip to Lady Dinah’s Cat Cafe,  a great recommendation for cat lovers also looking for a sweet treat, a cup of tea, and a good purr.


Follow Adanma @Arigato23 on Twitter





London New Girl London Blogger AwardsLondon New Girl

After 2.5 years, Kamila is the not so new girl in London.

She embraced the city and started “London New Girl” as the new girl’s guide for moving to London.

She has a passion for life and writes in a positive but straightforward tone. According to Kamila, walking tours are a great way to learn London.

This makes perfect sense. She goes on the Jack the Ripper Walking Tour and will convince you to as well.


Follow Kamila @LondonNewGirl on Twitter





The London Thing London Blogger AwardsThe London Thing

Tania began “The London Thing” to gain marketing experience while working toward her degree.

She still continues the site which she describes as a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and health blog.

Tania is intelligent, feminine and speaks to her readers like they are personal friends.

She takes a trip to Sky Pod Bar at the Sky Garden, a sky-high restaurant/bar with magnificent London views and delicious cocktails.


Follow Tania @TaniaBunic on Twitter





London is for Living London Blogger AwardsLondon is for Living

Carla is a natural writer and “London is for Living” is her gift to all of us not living in London. She loves blogs and blogging.

She loves learning the cultures of different cities and this was her way of sharing the unique culture of London. A lifetime London resident, Carla is a sweet girl and her visit Pret-a-Portea-The Berkley Afternoon Tea will make you want all the sweet and beautiful cakes pictured in the end.

It looks like classic tea time with a classy girl.


Follow Carla @londonisliving on Twitter





The West End Voice London Blogger AwardsThe West End Voice

Kira is a journalism student and lover of theatre. “The West End Voice” is her way of sharing her skills in feature writing and reviewing plays as someone who truly loves live theatre.

She is honest with her opinions and you can tell she knows what she is talking about. London has such a great theatre district you can’t pass on a show.

Visiting the Theatre Cafe should be a go to visit for any fan of the stage.


Follow Kira @KiraCatherine on Twitter





Angloyankophile London Blogger AwardsAngloyankophile

Jamie has dreamed of living in London since she was a little girl growing up in suburban America. After studying abroad in college, she was hooked and attended graduate school in York and then hightailed it to London where she now works in book publishing.

Her lifestyle blog has categories like food, fashion, and fun, “Angloyankophile” is very readable and has wonderful suggestions.

Visit  Match-Making: A Tea Masterclass with Jing Tea @ Spice Market, London to learn about tea and make your own.


Follow Jamie @angloyankophile on Twitter





Slice of Me London Blogger AwardsSlice of Me

Manjiri came to London by way of Mumbai. Two years in, she is still discovering the city and blogging about her love of food and restaurants. She loves to cook, especially fusion food.

Her blog is a hobby of hers and it’s written straight from the heart. “Slice of Me” is a part of Manjiri.

In Browsing Around at Angels, Manjiri details a visit to an outdoor mall that may not be impressive to local Londoners but to Manjiri, it is vibrant, beautiful and a must visit.


Follow Manjiri @manjirichitnis on Twitter





Mummy in the City London Blogger AwardsMummy in the City

Tine is a modern London mummy who writes on a plethora of child related topics. This ranges from pregnancy to bringing baby home and child-friendly restaurants and activities.

”A Mummy in the City” is a helpful and informative for any mum or dad needing advice or just to know they aren’t alone in the crazy world of parenting.

London’s Children’s Birthday Party Venues: Goat Chelsea highlights an affordable restaurant to host your child’s next party.


Follow Tine @mummyincity on Twitter





A Baby on Board London Blogger AwardsA Baby on Board

Gill began her blog “A Baby on Board” to personally document her first pregnancy in 2012. Since then, the blog has evolved to all things baby and toddler and has done so very successfully.

Her blog ranks #4 for baby and toddlers out of 10,000! She covers it all including breastfeeding, baby clothes, beauty and more.

The Science Museum Revisited convinces all to run and get their children to this interactive and educational museum.


Follow Gill @gill_crawshaw on Twitter





Cook Sister London Blogger AwardsCook Sister

Jeanne works as a lawyer but spends her free time as a food, wine and travel blogger. She and her husband moved from South Africa with the intentions of staying in London for one year.

It has now been 14 years, and Jeanne’s blog, “Cook Sister” has grown exponentially.

She is a food and restaurant expert so you should trust her opinion.

The Real Greek is a Greek chain restaurant she has visited over five times so it must be great.


Follow Jeanne @cooksisterblog on Twitter





Shiny Thoughts London Blogger AwardsShiny Thoughts

Lucy is a young 20-something who loves colors and happy people. She can speak French and used to be a ballerina.  

“Shiny Thoughts” comprises Lucy’s photography, random thoughts, her travels, and everything she loves in London. Lucy has a great personality and really loves life.

Take a fun and scenic stroll with her in Primrose Hill & Regent Park to see a part of London with beautiful flowers and lots to do and see.


Follow Lucy @shinythoughts on Twitter





My City My London London Blogger AwardsMyCityMyLondon

“MyCityMyLondon” is written by Sarah, who works as a pharmacist during the day. This may not be a typical occupation for a blogger but maybe Sarah isn’t your typical pharmacist.

She loves London, her little boy, beauty, fashion, and blogging of course. Sarah explores the city any chance she gets.

I learned that Sarah loves burgers (who doesn’t) and she sets out in London to tell us where to get the Best Burgers in Town. Thanks Sarah!


Follow Sarah @mycitymylondon on Twitter




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