Short Lets in Townsville

Different types of short term rentals in Townsville, Australia can be found on this page. It is designed to help travelers and other people who wish to rent a private accommodation in this city. Information about the owners, location of the rental, price and more can be found here and will help you make your choice.


Townsville Room

Rent a room in Townsville, QLD, Australia – from $49 per night!


The best way of vacationing in Townsville has to be by using short term leases. They are very easy to book, furnished with many useful amenities, offer different kinds of services and, most importantly, are very cheap. Tourists who have tried them say that by using this form of lodging they have managed to save more money and have enjoyed a great and comfortable stay.

It is true that the hotels in Townsville also have the same services and amenities, but for a much higher price and for some of them you even have to pay extra to book them. In Townsville you can find a studio apartment which has a bedroom and a TV with cable and even a Wi Fi internet connection for just 30 euros a night. Bed and breakfast flat can also be rented at really a small price.


Townsville Apartment

Rent an apartment in Townsville, QLD, Australia – from $69 per night!


In Townsville are guesthouses which offer you the free use of a parking space if the late room is situated in the suburban part of Townsville and you need to get to it using your rented car. Larger temporary housing may come with kitchens which includes fridge, stove, plates, bowls, cutlery, coffee plunger and teapot. In addition, they are equipped with washers and dryers, air conditioning systems and other home amenities you need to feel like at your home.

If you want to make your own meal, we recommend you book a self-catering accommodation which will allow you to bring in any type of food you like in the housing. The price range for condos in Townsville ranges from 30 to 200 euros a night, the price obviously depends on the type of vacation rentals, the location and the arrangement of the particular holiday home. Nevertheless, a comfortable stay is guaranteed and you only have to bring yourself and have fun in Townsville.



Attractions You Should Visit in Townsville


Townsville is situated on the north eastern coast of the state of Queensland on the continent of Australia. It is Australia’s largest urban center located north of the Sunshine Coast and has the approximate population of 196,219 people. Some consider it as the unofficial capital of Queensland.

The attractions of the town include “The Strand”, which is a popular beach and a garden strip, Reef HQ, an aquarium which has many of the flora and fauna from the Great Barrier Reef, the Museum of Tropical Queensland, which is actually a sunken British warship called HMS Pandora, Riverway, a parkland attraction, Magnetic Island, which is a close by neighboring island and the Townsville Sports Reserve.


Castle Hill,Townsville, QLD, Australia

Castle Hill,Townsville, QLD, Australia


The most important educational institutions are a public university called the James Cook University and the Barrier Reef Institute of TAFE, which is a Technical and Further Education College. Many events and festivals are also held here, and ones of the more popular are the Australian Festival of Chamber Music, Palmer Street Jazz Festival, the Stable on the Strand and the Annual Greek and Italian Festivals.