Vacation Homes in Trinidad and Tobago

Some awesome short term rentals in Trinidad and Tobago are waiting here for you on this page. The page specializes in finding short lets on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago and has a gathered data base on all the rentals and their landlords. You can check and see a list of all of the places on this country that the page has in stored for you.


Trinidad and Tobago Cottage

Cottage for rent in Trinidad and Tobago – from $60 per night!


The popularity of renting temporary housings in Trinidad and Tobago has started to grow substantially the last couple of years. They provide the same amount of comfort but for a lot lesser price. Hotels cannot compete with that because not many people can afford to spend a vacation in a luxurious hotel, but almost everyone will easily be able to afford renting one of the serviced apartments for their vacation in Trinidad and Tobago. On this page you can find a peaceful and homely place in Belmont which will provide you with the peace and quiet you have been looking for. Or a luxury villa situated in the town of Goodwood, fully equipped and arranged so as to house more people. There are some great furnished apartments in Port of Spain which are cozy and are located near the city center.


One can enjoy it alone or by going with a friend or a significant other. But for those who are coming for the fun and the sun, we offer vacation rentals in Trinidad and Tobago which are close to the beach. You will just have to step out of your room and the beach will be right there. If you want to spend your vacation on water the whole time, there are even some boats available for rent. The quality of these holiday homes is even higher when we mention that they come equipped with the latest amenities available. TVs and air conditioning systems are a must and some places even come with a free internet connection. Whole houses to rent have a fully furnished kitchen and washer and dryers to go with them as well. Villas and places near the beach also have a pool where you can throw great pool parties or just take a dip in it any time you like.


Trinidad and Tobago Villa

Rent a villa in Trinidad and Tobago – from $150 per night!


More Info About Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago, or officially the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, is an island country consisting of the two biggest islands mentioned in the name of the country and a lot of smaller ones beside it. It is situated in the northern edge of South America. The country’s capital is Port of Spain and it has around 1,346,350 people living in it. The country is famous for being one of the places on the Earth which has a lot of unspoiled beauty which cannot be found in other Caribbean countries. People who come to have fun in the sun may want to visit some of the more popular beaches, like Maracas and Las Cuevas on Trinidad and Pigeon Point and Store Bay on Tobago. One of the most beautiful sites is the Buccoo Reef a natural coral reef, situated on the North Coast of Tobago. You can also witness seeing some of the most interesting animals in the world like the Leatherback sea turtles on Mathura beach and have fun at one of Trinidad and Tobago’s numerous carnivals and festivals that are organized annually.


Rockly Bay, Trinidad and Tobago

Rockly Bay, Trinidad and Tobago


A vacation to Trinidad and Tobago will certainly be a thrill. But in order to experience it properly you will definitely need a comfortable place to stay. Click on the “SEARCH” button on the page and try and find a place of your own which may do the job for your next vacation.