Apartments For Rent in Tunis

The purpose of this page is to provide all details about short term rentals in Tunis, Tunisia. What we had in mind was to make it as practical and easy as possible to find and book apartments in Tunis, Tunisia. 


Tunis Apartment

Apartment for rent in Tunis – from $47 per night!


Tunis is best known as the capital of Tunisia. Known for its amazing compact small town and a list of decent places to visit, coming to this part of Africa can be a total new experience. For those coming here for the first time, they will find plenty of self-catering accommodation options in mid-level, low and high budgets.

The entire Tunis is divided into two parts known as Medina and Ville Nouvelle. The Medina has a very old town feel and offers plenty of budget rental choices for all vacationers. There are short term leases that can be availed in the area at affordable prices. Ville Nouvelle is the newer side of the town that is well developed and has decent numbers of condos.

In both the Medina and Ville Nouvelle, people traveling in groups can find serviced apartments that are well served and maintained. Also, there are choices of 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, and 3 bedroom short stays that can be booked at decent prices. There are also luxury flats and villas available in Tunis, so people looking for luxury will have a few choices.


Booking a private room in Tunis is a great way of spending your holidays in case you prefer travelling on your own, as they can be found at prices of as little as $15 per day. You can also rent a luxurious traditional fully furnished house in Tunis for $130 per night and enjoy many amenities – that is a great solution for those who plan on going on their holidays with a larger group of friends or with their family, as everybody will have plenty of space for themselves.


Tunis Flat

Rent a flat in Tunis – $40 per night!


Tunis has a number of museums such as Bardo Museum and Dar Ben Abdallah that one can visit on a tour. There are many ancient buildings and mosques that can be checked on a short tour of the city, which is a unique experience in itself. Belvedere Park also remains one of the most visited places for its amazing location.



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