Holiday Villas For Rent in Turkey

A great number of tourists visit Turkey each year. Whether is it to spend a nice vacation on the beach, see the rich historical sites and culturally rich part of Turkey or just stay in some of the metropolitan cities. Now there is a cheaper way to achieve all of that by acquiring a private accommodation with private hosts which have placed their rentals on this page.



Apartments for Rent in Turkey


There are hundreds of short term rentals in Turkey available at multiple different locations. You can find apartment rentals in the urban areas of Turkey’s main cities, or go for a vacation rental in a more serene area. There are holiday homes near some of the most popular beach resorts of Turkey and some nice a very luxuriously furnished villas for you to rent.

Book a private room with a local family and stay with a host by having your own room but sharing other parts of the house. This is the cheapest way of vacationing and one of the popular ones.


Beautiful Central Apartment  for rent in Kusadasi. From €53 per day.

Apartment for rent in Kusadasi. From €53 per day.


Starting with single lets, there are various flats which might suit your purpose and can be used equally for vacation or business purposes. Smaller groups might enjoy renting a serviced apartment, which comes furnished with very useful amenities like internet connection, access to a washing room, private parking and air conditioning.

Studios are a great option for couples as it is equipped with a double bed and a fully and furnished housing with a terrace which comes with a view. But as for the families which are coming for a vacation to Turkey, there are larger homes which might be greatly used for such purpose. Their main advantage is that they have more bedrooms, two or three in some cases, and a kitchen for preparing food.



About Turkey


Officially it is named as Republic of Turkey. This country is bordered by several European and Asian countries. It has border with eight countries, Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iran, Iraq, and Syria. By visiting the famous places and attractions of Turkey, you can spend months of time.

The Hagia Sophia Museum which is located in Istanbul is a symbol of roman engineering. Its massive dome was the largest in the world for over 1000 years. The Blue Mosque and the Ephesus have many things for the visitors to see.


Kemer bay, Antalya, Turkey

Kemer bay, Antalya, Turkey


If you want to drink some therapeutic water, then you should visit Pamukkale. Its water is good for the heart and kidney diseases. Before going there, book a room available for rent from our website. There are many self-catering houses, villas and apartments listed on our site, just use the search button to find out the house which is affordable to you.

To see the wonderful rock formation, Cappadocia is the place to be. Before visiting this historical heritage book a suitable place for accommodation; by doing this you will get more time to enjoy your vacation.


When in a foreign country, it will be too much trouble for a person if he/she falls in short of money. Advance booking of short term rentals will help you stay on your budget. Through this website you can book a living place by checking all necessary things; whether it is cheap or not, it is well furnished or not, the quality of bed and breakfast, etc.


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