Find Wide Range Of Short Term Rentals in Ukraine

Ukraine is a beautiful country filled with natural beauty. The former Soviet republic is also filled with historical landmarks and memorabilia which represent one of its attractions which foreigners are interested in.



Apartments to Rent in Ukraine


Ukraine does not pride itself with having that much great holes and favorable accommodation. That is why people look elsewhere to find places to stay in Ukraine and this page is one of them. We are offering private rentals which are a cheap and a favorable way for the visitors of this country.

It provides a nice and affordable short stay opportunity for each visitors or type of a tourist. There are hundreds of short term rentals in Ukraine which are located in all major cities and areas. You also have a chance of renting places which are situated in rural areas. You can find and book a small flat or an entire house to rent, depending on the purpose or number of people.


There are hundreds of apartments to rent which include some very nice amenities and are greatly furnished. The hosts have given their best to arrange their late rooms in order to make them comfortable enough for the guests. As the need for larger housing is on the rise, so have the landlords decided to rent holiday homes to tourists.

That way families or groups of friends have a chance to book a large accommodation and spend their vacation in comfort. The holiday homes in Ukraine are characterized by having additional bedrooms, meaning more favorable seeping arrangements, a full sized kitchen, allowing you to prepare your own food, and additional amenities like a parking space, a washing room or a hot tub.

But for those who wish to truly spend their vacation in style, some villas are also available. They require a bit more money, but you cannot deny the comfort they provide.



About Ukraine


Ukraine is an Eastern European country. It is bordered by Russian Federation, Belarus, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Sea of Azov, and the Black-Sea. The fascinating region of Crimea should be explored by every tourist. It is an excellent place to enjoy the vacation.

Do you know what is called as the Green Pearl? Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine are called as the Green Pearl. Tourist will see a beautiful mix there; humans, shepherds, meadows, forests, and natural areas have made it an excellent place.


Odesa, Ukraine


The architecture and art of Kyiv (or Kiev) will enrich your artist mind. For a short stay in Kyiv there are self-catering houses and villas which are available to rent. To walk on narrow medieval streets you should visit the poetic city Lviv. To celebrate your holidays you can choose Odessa’s mild climate. Its sunlit beaches and warm waters attract thousands of tourists each year. You can book a room in Sevastopol from your home through our online booking system.

Our website guides you to find affordable living places in different countries. Various types of short term rentals are organized on this site. From the internet you can also check the bed and breakfast that are available in the apartments that you want to rent. You can get a cheap but comfortable accommodation with us.