Private Accommodation in Venezuela

The purpose of this page is to provide you with information about how to find the best short term rentals in Venezuela. Here you will find wide selection of temporary accommodation that you can book today.


Caracas Room

Room for rent in Caracas, Venezuela – from $18 per night!


To explore Venezuela’s numerous natural beauties and other treasures, it is best to book one of holiday rentals in cities such as Ciudad Bolivar, Coro, Ciudad Guayana- the great getaways to the most important destinations in Venezuela.

Book one of the budget bed and breakfast apartments or short stay self-catering houses in Caracas and enjoy its cosmopolitan atmosphere with great number of museums, art galleries, bars, first-class restaurants and well-preserved colonial architecture. More than 40% of Venezuela’s national territory is covered by protected areas.


Caracas Apartment

Available flat for rent in Caracas, Venezuela – from $40 per night!


Book a vacation rental on Caribbean Islands, holiday house in Central Venezuela or a luxury villa in the Northwest Venezuela. If you prefer vacation in mountains, book online one of the gorgeous mountain chalets in Andes.

If you want to visit beaches in Eastern Venezuela, the best place to rent your short stay apartment is Puerto La Cruz. History lovers should look for their vacation rentals in Coro, the first capital of Venezuela and a city of an exceptional natural beauty and rich colonial architecture. Its historical center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



Most Famous Tourists Attractions in Venezuela


Playa El Agua, Venezuela

Playa El Agua, Venezuela


Venezuela is located in South America on the coast of the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. The capital city is Caracas. Major tourist attractions in Venezuela include the Angel Falls (Churun Meru), the tallest waterfalls in the world, located in the Gran Sabana region in Canaima National Park.

This is followed by other popular tourist destinations like Caribbean Islands with thousands of spectacular beaches, rainforest in Amazonas, Gran Sabana, Andes and many others.


Street in Caracas, Venecuela

Street in Caracas, Venecuela




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