Apartments For Rent in Venice. From €35 / Night

People who are interested in short term rentals in Venice, Italy and want to spend an unforgettable vacation should refer this page. Here, answers to any accommodation trouble will be found. Everything that holidaymakers may need, starting from help in choosing to the best possible way rent an apartment in Venice.


Apartment For Rent in Venice

Apartment For Rent in Venice. From €35 per night.


Information About Private Apartments in Venice


One of the unique and attractive places to visit is Venice, Italy. The place attracts people with its beauty and canals, and the thousand short term stays it features. Since the hotels are often overbooked and cost too much, these temporary accommodations in Venice are the answer both in terms of helping find a way to stay in the city and to stay at a cheaper price. Tourists who are on a budget often choose the option of renting

Tourists who are on a budget often choose the option of renting private rooms. These short lets in Venice are popular ways often used by backpackers or students who are visiting the city.


There are numerous private flats in Venice that can be rented in some popular locations. Holidaymakers also have the option to book bed and breakfast services. Small apartment rentals often have small kitchens for a convenient stay. On the other hand, holiday homes usually have fully- equipped kitchen with cutlery and appliances.


These self-catering apartments in Venice are often leased by families where they can cook a delicious meal for all family members. Larger groups of visitors also rent these types of vacation rentals, such as those who travel with friends. Whole housings offer more space and more bedrooms, combined with a perfect location and very affordable price.

Moreover, private housings come with various kinds of amenities like Wi-Fi internet connection, cable TV, air conditioning and many things more.


Rent an apartment in Veneto - Venice.

Rent an apartment in Venice. From €99 per night.


Locations of Short Stays in Venice


Short stay apartments in Venice are located in the beautiful areas in Venice like Cannaregio area or near St. Mark’s Square. There are also some great apartments near the main canals and flats near the Grand Canal or in the vicinity of Rialto Bridge. For more options, there is a studio apartment for rent which is just across the Galleria Giorgio Franchetti alla Ca’ d’Oro.


Some of these housings can be found near the Parco Savogran where you can take your kids out to play when renting the holiday home with the whole family. The Castello area of Venice is also very popular and features some short term stays which are perfect for people looking for some rest as this is a more quiet area of the city.



Accommodation Prices


If you take into account the luxury of the city and how expensive things are, these apartment rentals are the best offer you will ever have. Private rooms in Venice, even those beside the canals can be rented for 50 to 60 euros daily. Serviced apartments in Venice which are meant for smaller groups of people cost from 70 to 90 euros. The most affordable entire house to rent is 90 euros.


But vacation rentals which are in central parts of Venice, Italy or in some prime locations are priced between 130 to 200 euros a night. Entire homes which are bigger and include some very luxurious amenities can reach the price of 350 euros, but are worth the money, given the level of comfort they provide.


Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy


Start renting these accommodations for a few days in Venice. If you are not certain what you are looking for, start by looking at the given list of short term rentals in Venice, Italy. On the other hand, if you have your whole vacation planend and the only thing you need is a specific place to stay, you can use the filters to shorten you search.