Short Lets in Vina del Mar

Many people decide to choose to rent short term rentals in Vina del Mar, Chile. If you opt to visit Chile, then this site will help you find temporary accommodation in Vina del Mar. It will help you choose an appropriate place to stay for you and help you decide which one is more suitable.


Vina del Mar Flat

Rent an apartment in Vina del Mar – from $69 per night!


Why choose short lets over hotels? Simply because short stays in Vina del Mar are more affordable and at the same time a comfortable type of accommodations. They are owned by private owners and you have the option of sharing a room with the owner of you can get a private room and stay there alone.

All of the condos are furnished with all the amenities that you need to feel like at home. Our flats are equipped with heating and air conditioning systems and some of them even have a built in fireplace. All of the rooms have a flat-screen TV and internet connection. Some of the short term leases have cable TV and the luxurious ones offer pool access.

There are numerous types of rentals in Vina del Mar that you may choose from. For example, in Vina del Mar you have two hundred different serviced studios and over seventy different holiday houses to choose from, but also there are villas available for rent as well.

Spacious apartments are available if you are traveling in a larger group and a few lofts. The majority of our temporary accommodations offer bed and breakfast services so for a small price you can enjoy delectable meals. But if you decide to bring your own food and save money, there are also some self-catering accommodations available.


Vina del Mar Room

Available room for rent in Vina del Mar Flat – from $29 per night!


What You Should Know About Vina del Mar


Vina del Mar is a city and comune on central Chile’s Pacific coast. It has a population of 286,931 and it is Chile’s fourth largest city. Its nickname is “La Ciudad Jardin” or as it translates in English “The Garden City.” Its long stretches of white sandy beaches are a major attraction for national and international tourists.

Some of the notable landmarks of this city are the parks and water fountains including a large flower clock (Reloj de Flores). The Jardín Botánico or Parque del Salitre is a large botanical garden located in the outskirts of the city also makes Vina del Mar famous.

Numerous bars and restaurants have recently opened in the area around Plaza Mexico and Avenida San Martín, offering Chilean and international cuisine and represent a major tourist attraction.


Vina del Mar, Chile

Vina del Mar, Chile