Western Addition/NOPA Apartments For Rent

This page was designed in order to help you find a suitable short term rental in Western Addition/NOPA, San Francisco, USA and to give you a short overview of this area of the city and its perks. Owners of all these rentals are friendly local people who are glad to help with any questions you might have or any dilemmas that might arise during your stay in this area. As all of the short lets are found on this page you won’t have to browse numerous web pages in order to find a perfect piece of private accommodation for your vacation.


Western Addition NOPA private room

Private room in an Edwardian flat to let. From $75 per night.


More than five hundred short lets in Western Addition/NOPA, San Francisco are available through this page so we’re confident that you will be able to find a perfect one for your city break during the holidays. People who intend to visit this area on their own should think about renting a private room in Western Addition/NOPA, San Francisco as it will provide them with a lot of comfort and autonomy at an affordable price. Those who plan on visiting this area with a larger group of people or with large families should consider choosing to rent an entire furnished flat in Western Addition/NOPA, San Francisco with multiple bedrooms so everybody will have ample space and comfort for a reasonable amount of money. One segment that makes accommodation even more comfortable are the amenities. The list of available amenities depends on the particular temporary housing you choose but in essence you can expect TV, Internet access, free parking on premises and many more.


Western Addition NOPA apartment

Apartment in Western Addition/NOPA to let. From $98 per night.


Inform Yourself About Western Addition/NOPA:

This residential neighbourhood of San Francisco has a distinctly different architectural style than other neighbourhoods which are marked by Victorian structures. Before the US got involved in World War II, Western Addition was mostly populated by African-American and Japanese-American communities, but when this situation changed as inhabitants belonging to these two groups were being sent to camps, the neighbourhood itself underwent some changes.


Western Addition NOPA, San Francisco

Western Addition/NOPA, San Francisco


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