What to Do in Hamburg

Considered the second largest city in Germany, Hamburg has the reputation of being “The Gateway to the World”. It also has the biggest port in the country and the second busiest in Europe. The city is built upon an impressive harbour and offers holidaymakers various types of attractions- both in land and water. With so much available, tourists often find it hard to decide, especially when they have very limited time, which of these promising things should be experienced that would mean a worthwhile vacation in the city.



Must-do Things in the City of Hamburg


Take a Cruise in the Hamburg Harbour

Do you have an interest to know more what the largest harbour in Germany is about? Are you curious about how many tons they move everyday and what it takes to organize the logistics behind the organization? If yes, then, don’t leave Hamburg without going on a relaxing and informative cruise on Hamburg harbour


There are many agencies that offer guided tours in Hamburg, specifically for the Port Harbour. The boat departs from St. Pauli Landing on a daily basis and this will take you on a boat ride along the beautiful Elbe River. As you take the cruise, you will witness some of the most spectacular sights in Hamburg, as well as the many canals, lakes, channels, and docks. You will get to learn more about the place with a guide that will tell you about history, the dates, and all the fascinating details about the harbour.


If you Love to Walk, the Alster is the Best Place to Be!

The Alster is a side river that you will see from the Elbe, which created little lakes in the center of Hamburg City. These are the Aussenalter and the Binnen


Walking around here is a promise of great experience with the different events that take place here such as the annual Alster Vergnugen. In case no events are happening, you can simply enjoy the view as you walk around see the city’s different angles.



Don’t Forget to Stop at the Schanzen Viertel

This used to be the city’s outpost, the Sternschanze- its official name is now the home of the Hamburg’s alternative scene. It is a plus that it is not too crowded compared to other tourists spots around the city.


This is an ideal spot for you to spend some time eating the most delectable food, comfortably sit on the terraces while enjoying the kiss of the summer sun. When its winter, life never gets boring as fun is taken indoors. You will love how they turn their cafes into cozy places- great for meet ups!


Enjoy Time with Family in Bodenwald Complex

Indeed, it’s a different kind of experience when traveling with our loved ones and families. When in Hamburg, there’s no place to be but in the Bodenwald Complex. They have a great range of pools and longest water slides- a great time for everyone in the family. Their Babalu water basin will definitely be a favorite among older kids. They will enjoy the many aquatic toys. For the grown-ups, the sauna garden will be very relaxing; for the lovers of sports, there are available football pitches and volleyball courts to play and enjoy.


Lastly, satisfy your Tummy with Hamburg’s Hamburgers!

Don’t leave the city without satisfying the cravings of the tummy. You should not miss the popular Otto’s burger located in the central station. Beware, though as their burgers can be mind-blowing and very addictive. They have some of the best burgers that you will find in the entire Germany. You might love their BBQ Burger that has a specially self-made sauce and yes, self-baked buns, too!



Nothing can be more exciting and fun than experiencing all these things first hand when in the city of Hamburg. With the help of a few enumerated things to do above, you will never run out of activities to try and enjoy when in the city. Hamburg is one worthy place to be included in your bucket list. Whether you love to travel alone, with a friend, loved one, or family members, Hamburg has so many great things in store for you that will be a fun memory to remember for years to come.



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