Short Term Rentals in Yaounde

We made this page to help you to get access to some good short term rentals in Yaounde, Cameroon. The page will allow you to find out more about short stay apartment in Yaounde and also give you the data needed to find and rent them. You will be given everything you need to help you choose and find a place to say in Yaounde for your visit.


Appartement haut standing in  Yaounde. From €80 per day.

Appartement haut standing in Yaounde for rent. From €80 per day.


Accommodation – Basic Info


Yaounde, Cameroon is a beautiful place to visit and the private apartments found here will help you enjoy it more. From small flats to big temporary housing, Yaounde will give you the opportunity to have a perfect vacation through this page. The page lists accommodation rentals which were put for lease by owners from the city.

Private landlords welcome arriving tourists and foreign visitors and will give a chance to every person who arrives and wants to spend some time in Yaounde. There are even shared housings which you will share with your hosts, but of curse be given a private room in order to enjoy your own privacy for the purpose of your stay.

Entire homes are the most common kind of short stays found in Yaounde, Cameroon. This means that these holiday homes are the best way for families to spend vacations. The characteristic of these short term leases is that they can accommodate larger groups and have enough space to do that.


There are vacation rentals for up to 8 or 10 people and most of them are deemed family-friendly and pose a safe environment for your children if you decide to bring some along on your trip.

Amenities which self catering rentals offer start with a comfortable place to sleep in terms of a bed, continue with fully equipped kitchen, entertainment systems like cable TV, Wi-Fi and sound systems and end up with luxurious amenities like hot tubs and swimming pools. Short stay villas are the most luxurious type which grants the person who is leasing it a chance to enjoy some great amenities.

Besides offering quality the villas offer lots of space to stay, you will feel great and certainly enjoy maybe the best holiday in your lives. Browse through the list and find your condo in Yaounde where you’ll stay for a few days!


Logis Le Magnificat apartment for rent in Yaounde. Rent from €23 per night.

Logis Le Magnificat apartment for rent in Yaounde. Rent from €23 per night.


Where Apartments Are Located?


Condos can be found in the very center of Yaounde, like near the Bois Sainte Anastasie or studios which are close to Palais des Sports. The area of Center Villes has the majority of lets while the second most popular areas are Elig Essono and Djoungolo.

In Yaounde main streets like Boulevard Rudolph Manga Bell and Rue Albert Ateba Ebe there are some wonderful studios to rent while maybe the best area for short stays which offer a lot of peace and quiet is the area called Quartier Bastos, near the Palais de Congres.





For a short stay in Yaounde you will have to spare some 20 euros a night for the cheapest form or a lease here. This is of course quite affordable and you will be able to rent apartments for single use for a price of some 20 to 30 euros or double apartments for a maximum price of 50 euros.

Holiday homes and other places which are meant for the use of more customers can be found for approximately 100 euros per night. Depending on the amenities and the location the price range is between 80 and 150 euros per day. The most luxurious and priciest leases are the villas, and the price for them is about 200 euros.


Entire home in Yaounde. From €100 per night.

Entire home in Yaounde for rent. From €100 per night.